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When General Civil Aviation Authority was incorporated in 1996 it was immediately recognized that a division to provide administrative. Financial, and support service to the organization was essential. Since then the administrative and financial services (AFS) has evolved into a number of sub-divisions.

Finance, Procurement and Administration
Admin Support Section is responsible for the day-to day administrative needs of the Authority. This includes documentation control, reception & security services, transportation billeting public relation and facility maintenance which is responsible for building maintenance and janitorial services, on a 24 hours basis.

The financial division is responsible for all financial transactions within the Authority including budgetary control, preparation of monthly financial management reports, processing of invoices and timely collections from customers and payments to suppliers, ensuring accuracy of fixed assets records, management of cash flow, etc.

Human Capital
It is an easily demonstrated fact that human resources are the backbone of every organization seeking to accomplish its corporate objectives, meet market demands and clients changing expectations. The working force or manpower is no longer considered an overhead that should be limited or reduced but rather as “Human Capital” which is a vital asset that needs to be well selected="true", protected and developed. This is equally important for both public and private organizations. Public organizations such as GCAA contend on a daily basis with market forces demanding responsive and value-add service to stay relevant as a policy maker and/or a market regulator. Therefore, it is vital for a government organization such as GCAA to strongly compete and meet the market demands and public expectations by attracting and retaining qualified human capital.

Information Technology
Evaluate, integrate and support innovative technologies to help users achieve their goals, while effectively maximizing return on resources by providing a common infrastructure & cost effective methods to easily access information.

Responsible for managing the Legal unit and its employees, Supporting the Federal Government in drafting the Federal laws relevant to Civil Aviation,
Ensuring legal compliance with regulations.

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