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Corporate Strategy & Performance

Corporate Strategy and Performance section is part of the Strategic Planning & Corporate Excellence department. The main function of this section is to determine, in consultation with the senior management, the direction of the GCAA over the next five year and more. 

As often said, “if you can not measure it, you cannot manage it”. Corporate Performance Management promotes a systematic and integrated approach that assists Business Units to translate the organizational strategy into core processes and activities. It provides a framework for organizing, and analyzing Business Unit activities, develop performance metrics and produces analytical reports on Business Unit progresses against Key Performance Indicators to empower and facilitate management decisions.


  • Develop and run the performance management process for GCAA. Assist Business Units to link strategic objectives with business unit strategies.
  • In consultation with Business Unit heads, define Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in accordance with strategic priorities in the strategic plan. Facilitate Business Units to develop initiatives and programs to meet strategic objectives.
  • Obtain Business Units agreement on Targets against each initiative.
  • Define reporting requirements from the Business Units including type, content and frequency of reports.
  • Plan the timely extraction and collection of data for the KPIs.
  • Produce monthly progress reports to monitor business unit performance against targets, reporting variances, identifying risks associated with shortfalls, facilitate the Business Unit to develop risk mitigation strategies and remedial actions.
  • Ensure resource requirements associated with remedial actions, are clearly defined and presented to senior management for approvals.
  • Obtain time frame from the Business Unit for the implementation and expected outcome of the remedial actions. Follow up on implementation of corrective and preventive actions.
  • Follow up visit to record the improvement and report the result to senior management.


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