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Corporate Communication


To handle all issues related to Marketing & Corporate Communications that include ongoing activities to ensure the organization has a strong public image and helping the public to understand the organization and its activities, beside creating and monitoring external communication procedures to facilitate communication within the GCAA and with external stakeholders.


  • Plan and implement Marketing & Public Relations activities of GCAA to promote a positive image.
  • Write and issue Press Releases to local, regional and international press when it is required in Arabic and English.
  • Monitor daily newspapers, online media and relevant research.
  • Publish monthly newsletter to GCAA stakeholders.
  • Handle and update the news on the website and the portal.
  • Arrange press interviews for GCAA official speakers.
  • Manage and arrange conferences, seminars, exhibitions, and meetings.
  • Arrange Social Events and programs for GCAA staff.
  • Create the GCAA print and broadcast advertising campaigns.
  • Design and produce GCAA publications such catalogs, magazines, brochures, etc.
  • Responsible of producing corporate videos for marketing purpose.
  • Reserve space for print and broadcast advertisements with appropriate media outlets.
  • Responsible for purchase and design corporate gifts for GCAA.
  • Forming and maintaining good working relationship with journalists and media representatives.
  • Coordinate and liaise with printing, advertising and production agencies for printing materials.
  • Coordinate with National and International organizations for participation in conferences, seminars, workshops and meetings pertaining to Public relations. 
  • Prepare and monitor advertising and supply budgets.
  • Manage, create and monitor Marketing & Communication campaigns for specific projects related to GCAA business units.
  • Create Corporate Communication Policy, Manual and procedures.
  • Conduct internal communications Surveys & Workshops.
  • Liaise with Government Communication Office for daily reports and Federal Government key messages for official speakers.
  • Responsible of GCAA Communication Strategy and its implementation and progress

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