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Corporate Development

The main function of the Corporate Development department is to support the continuous evolution of the General Civil Aviation Authority towards achieving its strategic objectives while ensuring maximum compliance with the set plans. This is done through pioneering and participating in key initiatives and innovations that lead the authority into introducing new business capabilities or enhancing existing ones.

The main responsibilities of the department are:

  • Corporate Development
    1. In collaboration with the business units, develop, maintain and optimize the GCAA business processes.
    2. Develop and maintain GCAA organization structure and ‘statement of functions’.
    3. Develop and update the Delegation of Authority (DoA) matrix.
    4. Support the business units in developing corporate policies and interdepartmental Service Level Agreements (SLAs).
    5. Operate initiatives incubator to identify new projects for organization development purposes.
  • Portfolio Management Office at GCAA
    1. Translate strategic objectives into a list of initiatives/projects.
    2. Prioritize projects and manage overall project portfolio.
    3. Supervise the execution of all strategic projects and initiatives.
    4. Monitor performance across all projects and prepare project status reports.
    5. Manage the development, maintenance and update of Portfolio Management Office (PMO) tools, standards and processes.
  • Knowledge Management
    1. Identify, develop and manage knowledge management strategy and framework.
    2. Run and oversee GCAA knowledge management initiatives and projects.
    3. Conduct benchmarking against leading practice organization processes and metrics.

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