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Air Transport

The main function of the Air Transport department is to develop air service agreements signed between UAE and other states, and to negotiate with the foreign states for the purpose of concluding agreements regarding scheduled and non-scheduled operations, and any other agreements relating to international air transport.

The main two responsibilities of the department are:

  • Air Transport Agreements
    • Manage the development of Air Transport policies and agreements.
    • Actively seek to develop new Air Services Agreements (ASA) with the ICAO member states and enhancement of existing ones.
    • Manage the development of negotiation strategies and conduct air service negotiations with other countries, keeping UAE Aviation interests as primary consideration.
    • Conduct consultations and prepare decision points for scarce traffic rights allocation.
  • Environment Studies
    • Manage UAE position related to international Aviation Climate Change and any related emerging issues, with the support and involvement of Aviation Environment Working Group (AEWG)
    • Recommend, develop and lead the preparation of national guidelines, regulations and plans related to aviation environment with the support of AEWG
    • Participate effectively in ICAO/IATA aviation environment programs, meetings and workshops, Arab Civil Aviation commission environment committee and UAE’s governments policy discussions concerning aviation environment

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