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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Communication, Navigation and Surveillance Systems

Communication, Navigation and Surveillance Systems Department has the following main functions:​

  • ​​CNS engineering, responsible for: ​
    1. ​Air situation picture display at Area Con​trol Centre and the Emergency Area Control Centre.
    2. Communications equipment including VHF/UHF Communications, Voice Communication Control Systems (VCCS), Air Traffic Services (ATS) message handling switch (AFTN/AMHS), etc.
    3. Voice and  data links to domestic airports and neighboring countries.
    4. Several remote sites for communication and surveillance systems.
    5. Operational cyber security.​

  • CNS Maintenance, responsible for:
    1. Facilities management, mechanical, electrical and general maintenance of the Centre and the remote sites.​
    2. LEED Compliance.