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ANSP Training

The ANS Training section is responsible for the planning, coordination, and delivery of all ATS related training at Sheikh Zayed Air Navigation Centre.

Courses are designed and maintained in accordance with National and International regulations and standards. The latest tools and best practices are used in the design and delivery of these courses in a classroom and simulator environment.

Additionally, competency programs are designed and maintained for ATM staff in accordance with UAE Civil Aviation Regulations.

The ANSPT Training portfolio includes:

  • Site Specific Courses related to specialized duties at SZC.
  • Generic ATS courses as required by appropriate regulations.
  • Ad-hoc courses according to customers’ requirements.
  • Compulsory and recommended competency programs for ATCOs and ATCAs.
  • Managing the National ATC Training Program.
  • CNS training and periodical competency checks of engineers and technicians.

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