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Safety Enhancement Committee (SEC) Web Board

As the State Safety Program (SSP) elements and components are being progressively established and the shape of the UAE SSP is being finalized, there is a need to establish a Safety Enhancement Committee "SEC" to ensure that all efforts towards the establishment and the monitoring of ALoSP (Acceptable Level of Safety Performance) are coordinated in a cohesive and harmonized manner. Acceptable Level of Safety Performance (ALoSP) has been successfully implemented for Air Traffic Services by the ANA department for a number of years. This is done through defined Safety Performance Targets (SPT) and monitored through Safety Performance Indicators (SPI). The State (GCAA ANA) has defined a minimum number of SPT/SPI for each unit, which is reported on a monthly basis to ANA.
ICAO – through the State SSP – has determined that ALoSP must be established for all Aviation disciplines. Therefore the State (GCAA) must establish SPT/SPI for all of the aviation disciplines. The Aviation Industry in turn must establish its own SPT/SPI based on its own internal risk evaluation, and must include the State defined SPT/SPI.

SEC Composition
The members of the committee will represent the various departments within ASAS. The SEC will report to the SSP Committee. SEC will undertake regulatory matters only and therefore will not include representation from industry.

In keeping with sector/ departmental roles and responsibilities related to ALoSP, the committee shall oversee progress of the implementation of ALoSP, develop internal procedures, and provide guidelines or any coordinating efforts needed to remove any barriers for the effective implementation of ALoSP.


1. Monitor the agreement of SPI / SPT phase between the various departments and their organizations as this will remain an on-going activity;
2. Establish ALoSP;
3. Monitoring of ALoSP activities in coordination with all Departments concerned;
4. implement safety promotional plans with regards to SPM as required;
5. Produce Quarterly / Annual reports for the sector on the status of ALoSP in coordination with all Departments;
6. Develop procedures and guidelines to ensure the harmonization is maintained among all departments

SEC Members
Position Department / Section Name E-mail
Chairman ANA Mohammad Al Dossari
Secretary ANA Herman Groenewald
Member Policy, Regulation & Planning (PRP) Walid Al Rahmani
Member Airworthiness Hisham Hablail
Member Licensing Anthony Soloman
Member ANA – Air Navigation Services Stan Faulk
Member ANA - Aerodromes Michael Sidlow

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