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Open Data Library

Open Data documents provided by the UAE GCAA.

The UAE GCAA has adopted the Open Data practice to make government data and information seamlessly available to people. Under the Open Data Library, information is made usable, reusable and accessible to the public.
By making UAE GCAA data and information available to the people, the UAE GCAA aims to create awareness among people about UAE GCAA statistics, reports, studies etc. resulting in enthusiastic participation from an educated and informed society.
The UAE GCAA believes that besides enriching public participation, Open Data will also increase UAE GCAA transparency and the overall value the UAE GCAA delivers to the public.

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You can search for Open Data documents in different ways. If you know the name of the document, you can search for it by entering the keyword, file format.
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S. NoTitle   
2Minutes of 16th Airworthiness Consultative Committee Meeting - 01NOV2016
3GROUP PIC - 16th ACC Mtg - NOV 2016
4Consolidated Presentation - 16th Airworthiness Consultative Committee Meeting - 01NOV16
615th ACC Meeting Group Picture
7Minutes of 15th Airworthiness Consultative Committee Meeting-19MAY16
8Minutes of 14th Airworthiness Consultative Committee Meeting-05NOV15
9Minutes of 13th Airworthiness Consultative Committee Meeting-14 May 2015
10Group Pic - 14th ACC Mtg - 05NOV15
12Consolidated ACC Presentation - 13th ACC Meeting 14 May 2015
13ACC Meeting Consolidated Presentation -05Nov15
18Consolidated Presentation - ACC - 11 DEC 2014
19Minutes of 12th Airworthiness Consultative Committee Meeting-11 DEC 2014
20Group picture - 12th ACC Meeting - 11 DEC 2014
21Minutes of 11th Airworthiness Consultative Committee Meeting -22 MAY 2014
22Consolidated Presentation ACC 22 MAY 2014
2311th ACC Group photo
24Minutes of10th Airworthiness Consultative Committee Meeting - 28 NOV 13
25Consolidated Presentation - 10th ACC Meeting - NOV 13
2610th ACC Group photo
27Minutes of 9th Airworthiness Consultative Committee Meeting - 30 MAY 2013
28Group Picture - 9th ACC Meeting
299th ACC Meeting Consolidated Presentation - 30 May 2013
31GTF-NPA-001 Application for Nominated Personnel Accepted by the GCAA Rev. 2
32Presentation of 8th Airworthiness Consultative Committee Meeting
338th Airworthiness Consultative Committee Meeting Group Photo
34Minutes of 8th Airworthiness Consultative Committee Meeting
35Security Clearance Form
36Security Training Program Certificate Issuance/Renewal
37Dangerous Goods Training Program Certificate Issuance/Renewal
38Dangerous Goods Ground Handling Agent Certificate Renewal /Issuance
39Dangerous Goods Freight Forwarder Certificate Issuance/Renewal
40Dangerous Goods Air Operator Certificate Issuance/Renewal
41CAR 66-147 Implementation Presentation
42GTF-AOC-002 AOC Certification Approval Check List Rev. 2
43GTF-AOC-001 Application for AOC and Operations Specifications Rev. 2
44GTF-AMA-001 Application for Aircraft - Organization Manual Approval - Acceptance Rev. 3
45FOF-TRO-001 Application Form For Training Organization (TRTO) Rev. 0
46FOF-TRE-001 Flight Check - Application TRI-TRE and SFI-SFE Rev. 1
47FOF-STD-001 Application for Simulator Qualification Rev. 0
48FOF-SIM-001 Application for TRTO User Approval Rev. 0
49AWF-TCV-001 Type Certificate Validation Application Rev. 0
50AWF-MOD-001 Application for Approval of Modification - Repair Rev. 1
51AWF-COR-008 De-Registration Check List Rev. 0
52AWF-COR-002 Application for Registration of Aircraft Rev. 2
53AWF-COR-001 Reservation of Registration Mark and Mode S Code Rev. 1
54AWF-COA-009 Certificate of Airworthiness for Export Check List Rev. 1
55AWF-COA-002 Application for the Renewal of Certificate of Airworthiness Rev. 1
56AWF-COA-001 Application for the Issue of Certificate of Airworthiness Rev. 1
57AWF-AMO-001 Application for CAR 145 - CAR M Subpart F Approval Rev. 3
58SZC Brochure
59ROSI - BWI - Submission Form
60ROSI - ATC - Submission Form
61ROSI - AOP - Submission Form
62CAR M Presentation 20th JUN 2011
63CAR IX - Bird Strike Reporting Form - ROSI
64CAR 145 Presentation 20th JUN 2011
65CAR 21 Presentation
66Abu Dhabi Declaration - Security Conference 1-2 June 2010

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