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The UAE National Runway Safety Team was established in November 2012 with support from GCAA’s HE Director General, Assistant Director General - Aviation Safety Affairs Sector, Director - Air Navigation and Aerodromes Department and support from all UAE certified aerodromes and national carriers in order to further runway safety initiatives in support of local, national and ICAO safety frameworks, the ICAO Middle East Regional Aviation Safety Group initiatives and the implementation of the Global Aviation Safety Plan (GASP) and the associated Global Aviation Safety Roadmap (GASR) in the MID Region.

The National Runway Safety Team is committed to the continuous improvement of runway safety within the UAE further to its stated objectives. The Team provides a forum for both industry and regulator to work together in an environment, which is conducive to multidisciplinary interactions, and open sharing of safety related experiences and information.

The NRST is guided by its Terms of Reference as well as the NRST Safety Plan (2014-2016) which is endorsed by the management of the GCAA. The content of the Plan is the result of the combined and sustained efforts of the NRST Study Group members and organizations/departments representing all areas of runway operations. The intention is to enhance runway safety by advocating the implementation of the NRST Safety Enhancement Initiatives according to a scheduled plan of works. The contributing organisations include Aerodrome Operators, Air Navigation Services Providers, Aerodrome Emergency Services, Aircraft Operators and the General Civil Aviation Authority.

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To strengthen communication and coordination within industry in order to support and develop local aerodrome runway safety teams and identify, prioritise and implement national runway safety initiatives in order to ensure continued and improved runway safety within the UAE.

Member Organisations


  1. Support local runway safety teams and action groups at each UAE certified aerodrome
  2. Establish framework for identification, prioritisation and implementation of national runway safety initiatives
  3. Support the UAE State Safety Programme
  4. Analyse safety information and hazards to civil aviation at the national level and review the supporting action plans
  5. Facilitate the sharing of safety information and experiences among all stakeholders
  6. Reduce duplication of efforts by encouraging collaboration, cooperation and resource sharing
  7. Coordinate with existing GCAA Technical Committees on safety issues, and
  8. Promote industry runway safety training, awareness and promotional events.
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