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AgustaWestland AW139, Helicopter Controlled Ditching.

A6-AWN, Helicopter controlled ditching due to high main gearbox oil temperature and associated noise, Arabian Gulf, 8NM east of Mubarras Island, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Ref. No: AIFN/0004/2017...
Boeing 737-400, Takeoff from Taxiway

Boeing 737-400, AP-BJR, Shaheen Air International, Takeoff from Taxiway, Sharjah International Airport, Sharjah, 24 September 2015 Ref. No: AIFN/0011/2015...
Aviation Safety Study, Fueling Vehicle Fire during Aircraft Fueling

Aviation Safety Study. Fueling Vehicle Fire during Aircraft Fueling. Ref. No: SRP/0001/2016...
Airbus A380-842, Uncommanded Engine In-flight Shutdown

Airbus A380-842, VH-OQL, Qantas Airways Limited, Uncommanded Engine In-flight Shutdown, Dubai International Airport, Dubai, 27 March 2014 Ref. No: AIFN/0005/2014...
»AgustaWestland AW139, Helicopter Controlled Ditching.
Jun, 05 2017
»Boeing 737-400, Takeoff from Taxiway
Apr, 25 2017
»Aviation Safety Study, Fueling Vehicle Fire during Aircraft Fueling
Apr, 04 2017
»Airbus A380-842, Uncommanded Engine In-flight Shutdown
Mar, 30 2017
»Airbus A320-232, Aircraft Struck by Ground Vehicle
Feb, 09 2017
»Airbus A319, Oxygen System Fire.
Feb, 08 2017
»Aeroprakt-22L, Forced Landing
Feb, 05 2017
Jan, 05 2017
Jan, 05 2017
»Airbus A330-243, Pilot Incapacitation.
Nov, 20 2016
»Design & Implement Cooperation for Aviation Investment Summit 2017 RFI Ref: GCAA/RFI/PROC/004
Nov, 19 2016
»GCAA Manpower Outsourcing Tender Ref: GCAA/DAF/PR/2016/034
Nov, 19 2016
»Embraer EMB-145MP, Failure of Integrated Primary Computer
Nov, 17 2016
»Embraer EMB-145MP, Failure of Integrated Primary Computer
Nov, 17 2016
»Ultra Magic S.A, N-425 Balloon Hard Landing at Dubai.
Sep, 22 2016
»Boeing 777-31H, Runway Impact During Attempted Go-Around at Dubai Airport
Sep, 06 2016
»Boeing 737-800, Ground Equipment Collision with Aircraft at DXB Airport
Jul, 25 2016
»Airbus A330, Hydraulic Fluid Mist and PBE Fire in the Passenger Cabin.
Jul, 21 2016
»Airbus A330, Attempted Takeoff from Runway Edge Incident at Abu Dhabi International Airport, United Arab Emirates.
Jul, 12 2016
»Boeing 777-300, Aircraft Contact with Jetblast Fence during Pushback – Incident, Stand G17, Dubai International Airport, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Apr, 10 2016

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