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Etihad Airways Boeing 787-10, Serious Incident, Descent below Vertical Profile during Approach

Etihad Boeing 787-10 descended below vertical profile during approach to runway 31L at Abu Dhabi International Airport Ref. No: AIFN/0007/2020...
Balloon Hard Landing

Accident – 20 Feb 2020 Ref. No: AIFN0005/2020...
Parachutes Mid Air Collision

The occurrence involved two skydivers who were in freefall with parachutes and collided in mid-air. One of the parachutists was fatally injured due to the impact on the ground. Ref. No: AIFN/0006/2021...
Emirates Boeing 777-31HER Severe Turbulence Occurrence within Nicosia FIR

Emirates EK957 Boeing 777-31HER Severe Turbulence Occurrence within Nicosia FIR Ref. No: AIFN/0002/2021...

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