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On-Aerodrome Development Projects Request
An Aerodrome may have a number of defined boundaries related to land-ownership, operational areas, security restricted areas, custom controlled areas, etc. This service addresses projects related to the aerodrome as follows: a) Projects within an “Aerodrome Operations Area”; b) Projects that are conducted in a “Security Controlled/Restricted Area”. Projects that involve change to the aerodrome infrastructure in either an Aerodrome Operations Area or Security Controlled/Restricted Area fall into two categories: • Developments: Major upgrade/refurbishment of existing infrastructure which could affect operations during work-in-progress and new infrastructure including but not limited to buildings, taxiways, aprons, visual aids or navigational aids • Changes to Existing Infrastructure: Changes to existing infrastructure or physical characteristics including but not limited to reconfiguration of stands or changes to the runway.
Air Navigation and Aerodrome Service (ANA)
Applicable For Customers

1. Application: The applicant notifies the GCAA of the details 
    including location of the project. Documentation is as per 
   CAAP 59. A meeting may be required.
2. Review: The GCAA will review any document provided to 
    support the acceptance of the project and operational 
    approval of the project. The project may request 
    inspections by the GCAA. 
3. Issuance of acceptance of project or operational  
    approval:  As stated in CAAP 59, the GCAA will issue an 
    acceptance or approval when requirements are met and 
    inspections conducted are satisfactory.
4. Delivery of Acceptance/Approval: Collection shall be at 
    GCAA Abu Dhabi Office as informed by the GCAA.
5. Record: The Applicant will provide all documents required 
    for filing purposes.


- To access the eservice, it is required to first login to the 
  GCAA Website.
- If you are a new user (organization or individual) and 
  visiting GCAA website to access an eservice, you must 
  register first by pressing the “Sign Up” link found on the top 
  most bar of GCAA Website.
- Fill the user registration form by providing all the required 
  information and submit.
- After submission you will receive an automated email 
  notification containing your credentials to login on the 
  GCAA Website.
- Once you get the credentials, press the “Login” link found 
  on the top navigation bar of the web page besides “Sign 
  Up” link.
- Enter the User Name and password which was received  
  from GCAA. 
- Press the “LOGIN” button to sign into the GCAA website  
  and navigate to service catalogue page to access the  
  required eservice.

Required Documents
  1. Location Map
  2. Compliance Statements
  3. Management of Change
  4. Safety Assessments
  5. Verification Statements

The above list is indicative, please review referenced regulation or advisory publications related to the request, consult your Principal Inspector, or contact the GCAA Service Centre for additional details.

Fees Details
Access and Delivery Time

50 working days

Terms and Conditions

Services are subject to payment of any applicable Service Fees.

Applicants must address all regulatory, safety and security elements to the satisfaction of the GCAA.

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Last Modified : 17 Feb 2021

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Important Notices
Documents that do not appear under GCAA publications are neither valid nor authentic. In case any doubt, clarification should be sought from the ANA Section via email

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