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Security Clearance Issuance
The General Authority of Civil Aviation issues the security clearances for companies engage in any activities of the civil aviation in the United Arab Emirates.
Security Clearance
Applicable For Customers
  1. The customer should register in the website in order to get username and password to apply.
  2. Login with username and password & fill all the fields with attached requirements.
  3. We receive the notification email and verify the documents if it’s complete or not. If not, we send an email to the company to provide with missing documents.
  4. If above mentioned documents received, we will submit the request to relevant security authorities for approval or rejection and once decided we notify the applicant.
  5. Only the following activities requires a security clearance:

    1. Type: 1- Aircraft Operation 

      1.1 Passenger Air Transport (domestic, international) (AOC)
      1.2 Cargo Air Transport (domestic, international) (AOC)
      1.3 Private Aviation (POC)
      1.4 Aircraft Management and Operation (AOC)
      1.5 Acrobat Operation and Air Show (AOC)

      Type: 2- Aerodromes

      2.1 Airports Operations (National - International)
      2.2 Aviation Schools and Academies
      2.3 Aviation Clubs

      Type: 3- Aircrafts Maintenance

      3.1 Aircraft Maintenance
      3.2 Maintenance Workshops
      3.3 Balloons Maintenance
      3.4 Aircraft repair & Furniture Upholstery Services
      3.5 UAS maintenance Organizations

      Type: 4- Air Navigation Services

      4.1 Watchtowers

      Type: 5- Hot Air Balloons Operation

      5.1 Hot Air Balloons Management and Operation
      5.2 Hot Air Balloons Rent

      Type: 6- Training Centers

      6.1 Flight Training
      6.2 Aviation Engineers Training
      6.3 Aircrew Training
      6.4 Flight Simulator Training
      6.5 Airports Ground Crew Training
      6.6 Air Navigation Training
      6.7 Dangerous Goods Transport Training
      6.8 Aviation Security Training
      6.9 UAS Training Organizations

      Type: 7- Aircraft Trade

      7.1 Aircrafts Buying, Selling and Brokering
      7.2 Renting and Leasing Aircrafts

      Type: 8- Heliport

      8.1 Commercial Heliport
      8.2 Special Heliport (VVIP &VIP Palace and Farms )

      Type: 9- Special Runway
      9.1 Privates Runway (VVIP & VIP Palace and Farms).
      9.2 Runway in Island

      Type: 10- De-Registration of Aircraft
      10.1 De-registration and Re-registration of foreign aircrafts in UAE Airports
      10.2 De-registration of foreign aircrafts and Re-registrar to UAE
      10.3 De-registering a UAE registered aircraft and re-register it for foreign country

      Type: 11-Carriage and dropping of parachutists
      11.1 Carriage and dropping of parachutists

      Type: 12-Aircraft Design
      12.1 Approved Design Organizations

      Type: 13-Aircraft & Aircraft Parts Production
      13.1 Aircraft Production Organizations
      13.2 Manufacturing Organizations

      Type: 14- Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS)
      14.1 UAS Operator Certificate(UOC)

Required Documents
  1. Owner / Partners / Accountable Manger Details (passport copies + photos + residence visa and emirates ID ).
  2. Letter of Intent addressed (your Company) to U.A.E GCAA .
  3. No Objection Letter from Local Civil Aviation Department based on where the trade license issued example :if the trade license issued on Abu Dhabi you should obtain Department of transport in Abu Dhabi and if Dubai you should obtain it from Dubai Civil Aviation Authority …….cte .
  4. A Copy of Trade License (for a Company), and (for Government/private - Registration documents / Decree / Establishment doc.
  5. Drone requirement: if aerial work or aerial photography activity not listed at company trade license activity the company should obtain the NOC from local civil aviation authority from the emirate where the company based and if listed at trade license the NOC will not be required in this case.
Fees Details
No fee involved
Access and Delivery Time
15 working Days (average )
Terms and Conditions
  • Any companies that wants to performed aviation activities in the UAE should apply for the security clearance from GCAA.
  • Once the above mentioned documents are received, we will do the needful.
  • Kindly bear in mind that the approval process may take some time due to multiple workflow with other security parties.

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