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Service Card

Renewal of Air Operator Certificate (AOC)
Aircraft Operator Certificate (AOC) is a certificate that authorize organization to operate aircraft under the provisions of CAR-OPS 1 or 3 (Air Carrier (Scheduled), Air Transport (Charter) or Private Category). Such authorisation is time limited and requires renewal if the organisation needs to exercise its privileges. This service has been settled to ensure renewal of an existing valid AOC.
Flight Operations
Applicable For Customers
  1. Application: The Applicant shall submit all documents required for the renewal of an AOC as stipulated in PART IV - CAR-OPS 1 or 3 and in CAAP 8
  2. Review: the GCAA will review the documents submitted and verify if compliance with the CAR is achieved.
  3. Issue of an AOC: The GCAA will only issue an AOC when the GCAA is completely satisfied that all regulatory requirements have been adequately addressed.
  4. Delivery of the AOC: Collection can be made at GCAA Dubai Office.
  5. Record: The Applicant will provide all documents required for filing purposes.
  • To access the eservice, it is required to first login to the GCAA Website.
  • If you are a new user (organization or individual) and visiting GCAA website to access an eservice, you must register first by pressing the “Sign Up” link found on the top most bar of GCAA Website.
  • Fill the user registration form by providing all the required information and submit.
  • After submission you will receive an automated email notification containing your credentials to login on the GCAA Website.
  • Once you get the credentials, press the “Login” link found on the top navigation bar of the web page besides “Sign Up” link.
  • Enter the User Name and password which was received from GCAA.
  • Press the “LOGIN” button to sign into the GCAA website and navigate to service catalogue page to access the required eservice.
Required Documents
  1. Application of Security Clearance
  2. Application form GTF-AOC-001
  3. Copy of the renewed trade license / Post holder visa / contracts
Fees Details
No Fee involved
Access and Delivery Time
35 days
Terms and Conditions
GCAA reserves the right to issue, suspend, revoke or cancel any certificate any certificate for legal or safety considerations.

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