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GCAA presents 10 working papers on aviation safety to ICAO
Category : GCAA,   Date : Feb, 02 2015
GCAA presents 10 working papers on aviation safety to ICAO
The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) opened its second High Level Safety Conference (HLSC2015) on 2 February 2015 at the ICAO Headquarters in Montreal, Canada. The conference will continue until Thursday, 5 February 2015.

The conference focuses on key themes related to international aviation safety such as effective safety management, safety regulations and procedures, and initiatives that have emerged from recent aviation incidents globally.

Chaired by H.E Saif Mohammed Al Suwaidi, GCAA Director General, the UAE delegation includes Eng. Ismail Al Blooshi, Assistant Director General of Aviation Safety, Capt. Mohammed Al Saadi, Director of Flight Operation, Mohammad Al Dossari, Director of ANA, Aqeel Al Zarouni, Director of Airworthiness,  Sultan Al Zara, Director Licensing, and Hatem Dibian, Manager of Air Operators and CAMO.

At the HLSC2015, which is attended by a number of distinguished directors of civil aviation authorities, members of the ICAO, as well as top aviation executives, a number of current issues and recent developments within the aviation safety sector are addressed with the aim to build consensus and formulate recommendations necessary to advance aviation safety actions initiated by ICAO.

H.E. Saif Mohammed Al Suwaidi stressed that the conference comes in a time when the ICAO and its member states are facing challenges including international aviation safety and technical cooperation between states to ensure the safety of carriers and passenger.

He praised the ICAO’s dedicated efforts towards international safety as well as aviation research that have been conducted by the organization. He pointed out that reaching consensus between members is vital and should be conducted under the umbrella of ICAO, especially when dealing with issues like safety, which is a priority for the civil aviation community.

He added that the ICAO should be further supported and empowered to avoid unilateral aviation safety approaches. Instead, we must aim to make decisions and achieve strategic objectives through cooperation while meeting the needs of the member states.

Eng. Ismail Al Blooshi highlighted that the UAE delegation is participating in the HLSC2015 with 10 working papers that will be presented and discussed with all member states. He stated that the working paper presents a member state’s experience and suggestion to the ICAO in the field of aviation safety.

In his opening speech, Al Blooshi emphasized the importance of joint efforts between the ICAO and member states. He also expressed his appreciation to the ICAO audit delegation who visited the UAE recently on an aviation safety audit mission.

The aviation safety topics focus mainly on technical and operational safety standards that are required for aircrafts in terms of airworthiness, air operations, and maintenance, as well as preparing regulations and policies for registration and aircraft maintenance, and licensing individuals according to standard rules and regulations in annexes (6-7-8) of the Chicago Convention.

Other topics that the HLSC is discussing are certification and aircraft maintenance and crew training audit according to annexes (1-6) of the Chicago Convention.

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