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GCAA to Automate Coordination and Contingency Cell
Category : GCAA,   Date : May, 06 2013
The Sheikh Zayed Air Navigation Centre of the General Civil Aviation Authority formally launched phase 2 of the UAE Airspace Coordination and Contingency Cell (UACACC). Phase 1 was launched in July 2012 through a daily teleconference attended by the GCAA Sheikh Zayed Air Navigation Centre (SZC), airspace users, airports, National Centre for Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS).  This daily teleconference created a platform for the exchange of operational information which proved to be of high value to the ATM operations in the UAE and the region. 
On April 21st 2013, Phase 2 was implemented to automate the service and make it more efficient, dynamic and recordable. The UACACC Web Forum went on trial 3 weeks before the official launch and achieved a high level of usage and user acceptance.  Mr. Saif Al Suwaidi, Director General of GCAA commented “ SZC of the GCAA is continuously demonstrating strong willingness to improve and enhance the services through working closely with its strategic partners and airspace users”.  He continued, “We constantly strive to further develop and achieve the next level of service provision within the GCAA”
Mr. Ahmed Al Jallaf, the Executive Director of the Air Navigation Services and Chairman of the UAE National Airspace Advisory Committee (NASAC) formally launched the web forum during the 10th meeting of the committee.  Mr. Al Jallaf commended the work ethic and team effort that achieved the successful launch of phase 2 and welcomed all UAE Airspace Stakeholders to actively use the web forum to efficiently plan their operations and to aid their decision making.  “Information sharing through the UACACC strongly contributes to an elevated sense of situational awareness and an enhanced collaborative decision making process”, stated Mr. Al Jallaf. “ We don’t just focus on complying with the international standards, but we continuously aiming to exceed that by applying best practices and innovating new service channels to our customers and partners” , continued Mr. Al Jallaf.
The 10th NASAC meeting also included discussions on some of the deliverables of the UAE Airspace Study and the outcome of the ongoing working groups’ activities both nationally and regionally.

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