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Welcome to MEASRM

The Middle East Aviation Safety Roadmap Forum Site

With the aviation industry expanding at unprecedented levels in the Middle East and the industry establishing itself as a major player in international civil aviation, this Forum Group Site aims to introduce a Regional Plan of Action, under the Global Safety Roadmap to governments and industry and to help develop an expansive overview of the state of aviation safety in the region.

The UAE General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA), is hosting this Form Group for “the Middle East Aviation Safety Roadmap’’ which brings together senior aviation officials from local, regional and international aviation authorities and air carriers, to focus primarily on the introduction of a new aviation safety plan of action under the recently introduced ICAO Global Aviation Safety Road Map, a joint initiative of the International Safety Strategy Group, (ISSG). Members of the Group include ICAO, IATA, Airbus, Boeing, ACI, CANSO, IFALPA, FAA and the FSF. The Forum Group includes as well key players in the aviation industry such as the ISSG, Arab Civil Aviation Commission and the Arab Air Carriers Organization.

The purpose of the Forum Group Site is to offer a convenient way to connect with member of the Top Level Safety Team (TLST) that have same interests and ideas and to discuss current safety issues and share files, plan events, send a newsletter and much more...

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