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Open Data Library

Open Data documents provided by the UAE GCAA.

The UAE GCAA has adopted the Open Data practice to make government data and information seamlessly available to people. Under the Open Data Library, information is made usable, reusable and accessible to the public.
By making UAE GCAA data and information available to the people, the UAE GCAA aims to create awareness among people about UAE GCAA statistics, reports, studies etc. resulting in enthusiastic participation from an educated and informed society.
The UAE GCAA believes that besides enriching public participation, Open Data will also increase UAE GCAA transparency and the overall value the UAE GCAA delivers to the public.

To view the open data policy please click here.

Document TitleIssue DateDownload
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UAE Approved Design Organizations16/09/2018 Download
UAE Type Accepted Aircraft Models26/06/2018 Download
UAE Approved Maintenance Training Organizations14/04/2018 Download
Approved CAR 147 Maintenance Training Organization (Capability list)04/01/2018 Download
UAE Approved Production Organizations23/01/2018 Download
UAE Approved Training Organizations30/12/2016 Download
Status of CAR145 Organizations23/09/2018 Download
Status of AOC Organizations23/09/2018 Download
Status of CAMO Organizations23/09/2018 Download
GCAA Approved First Aid Facilities27/08/2017 Download

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