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Accident / Incident Investigation Report

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Ref. No Reg. No
Occurrence Aircraft Type
Damage Occurrence Year
Aircraft Occurrence Category
Injury Index Report Status

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Reference No Registration No Occurrence Aircraft Aircraft Type Location Damage Occurance Date Occurance Category Injury Index Report Status Listen
AIFN/0011/2017 A6-DDE
Serious Incident, Etihad Airwa ..
Serious Incident, Etihad Airways, Boeing 777-200FFX, Registration A6-DDE, Pilot Incapacitation, Bahrain FIR, 27 September 2017
Air plane Boeing B777-200FFX Over international waters within the Bahrain FIR None 27/Sep/2017 Serious Incident None Final Read Speaker
AIFN/0004/2017 A6-AWN
Accident, AgustaWestland AW139 ..
Accident, AgustaWestland AW139, Helicopter Controlled Ditching due to Failure of Main Gearbox Oil Cooler Fan Shaft and Associated Abnormal Noise, Arabian Gulf, 8 nm east of Mubarraz Island, Abu Dhabi, 29 April 2017.
Helicopter AgustaWestland AW139 Arabian Gulf, 8 nm east of Mubarraz Island, Abu Dhabi Destroy 29/Apr/2017 Accident None Final Read Speaker
AIFN/0011/2016 A6-ETL
Serious Incident, Boeing B777- ..
Serious Incident, Boeing B777-3FXER, A6-ETL, Etihad Airways, Nose Wheel Tire Tread Separation and Subsequent Engine Ingestion, Abu Dhabi International Airport, 27 September 2016.
Air plane Boeing B777-3FXER Abu Dhabi International Airport Substantial 27/Sep/2016 Serious Incident None Final Read Speaker
AIFN/0001/2017 A6-BOB
Accident, Ultramagic N-500, A6 ..
Accident, Ultramagic N-500, A6-BOB, Balloon Adventures Emirates LLC, Balloon Basket Fire on Landing, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, 14 January 2017.
Balloon Ultramagic N-500 Sharjah, United Arab Emirates Substantial 14/Jan/2017 Accident Serious Final Read Speaker
AIFN/0008/2017 A6-FDS
Incident, Boeing 737-800, A6-F ..
Incident, Boeing 737-800, A6-FDS, flydubai, Tire Failure Resulting in Loss of a Single Hydraulic System, Dubai International Airport, 8 August 2017.
Air plane Boeing 737-800 Dubai International Airport None 08/Aug/2017 Incident None Final Read Speaker
AIFN/0008/2016 A6-EMW
Accident, Boeing 777-31H, A6-E ..
Accident, Boeing 777-31H, A6-EMW, Emirates, Runway Impact During Attempted Go-Around, Dubai International Airport, 3 August 2016.
Air plane Boeing 777-31H Dubai International Airport Destroy 03/Aug/2016 Accident Fatal Interim Read Speaker
AIFN/0017/2014 A6-EMJ
Serious Incident, Boeing 777-2 ..
Serious Incident, Boeing 777-21H, A6-EMJ, Emirates, Pilot Incapacitation, Dubai International Airport, 22 October 2014.
Air plane Boeing 777-21H Dubai International Airport None 22/Oct/2014 Serious Incident None Summary Read Speaker
AIFN/0020/2014 A6-FLP
Accident, AgustaWestland AW 10 ..
Accident, AgustaWestland AW 109SP, A6-FLP, Falcon Aviation Services, Loss of Control-Inflight, Emirates Palace Hotel Heliport, 15 December 2014.
Helicopter AgustaWestland AW 109SP Emirates Palace Hotel Heliport Substantial 15/Dec/2014 Accident None Final Read Speaker
AIFN/0009/2015 A6-EEF
Accident, Airbus A380-800, A6- ..
Accident, Airbus A380-800, A6-EEF, Emirates, Cabin Crew Serious Injury due to Turbulence, In-flight (OEJN – OMDB), 13 September 2015
Air plane Airbus A380-800 In-flight (OEJN – OMDB) None 13/Sep/2015 Accident Serious Final Read Speaker
AIFN/0013/2015 A6-GYO
Fatal Accident, AUTOGYRO / MTO ..
Fatal Accident, AUTOGYRO / MTOSport, A6-GYO, Nad Al Sheba Private Club, Gyrocopter Loss of Control-Inflight, Skydive Drop Zone, Palm Jumeirah, FAI 2015 Dubai WAG, 9 December 2015
Gyrocopter AUTOGYRO / MTOSport Skydive Drop Zone, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Destroy 09/Dec/2015 Accident Fatal Final Read Speaker

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