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Accident / Incident Investigation Report

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Ref. No Reg. No
Occurrence Aircraft Type
Damage Occurrence Year
Aircraft Occurrence Category
Injury Index Report Status

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Reference No Registration No Occurrence Aircraft Aircraft Type Location Damage Occurance Date Occurance Category Injury Index Report Status
AIFN/0016/2021 A6-EQI
Emirates Boeing 777-300 flight ..
Emirates Boeing 777-300 flight crew flew the aircraft in shallow climb after lift-off
Airplane Boeing 777-300ER Dubai None 19/Dec/2021 Serious Incident None Preliminary
AIFN00010/2018 A6-ANV
Serious Incident – 18 Sep 2018
Serious Incident – 18 Sep 2018
Airplane Airbus A320 Sharjah International Airport Minor 18/Sep/2018 Serious Incident None Final
AIFN/0006/2019 A6-BOY
Emirates Balloon Adventures Ho ..
Emirates Balloon Adventures Hot Air Balloon hit the tip of a sand dune
Balloon Hot Air Balloon- Ultra Magic N500 Dubai Minor 06/Apr/2019 Accident Serious Final
AIFN/0008/2020 A6-FAG
Fujairah Aviation Academy Diam ..
Fujairah Aviation Academy Diamond DA-40 nose gear runway impact during landing
Air plane Diamond DA-40 Fujairah Airport Substantial 12/Jun/2020 Accident None Final
AIFN/0007/2020 A6-BMD
Etihad Boeing 787-10 descended ..
Etihad Boeing 787-10 descended below vertical profile during approach to runway 31L at Abu Dhabi International Airport
Air plane Boeing 787-10 Runway 31L at Abu Dhabi International Airport None 06/Jun/2020 Serious Incident None Final
AIFN/0006/2021 Not Applicable
The occurrence involved two sk ..
The occurrence involved two skydivers who were in freefall with parachutes and collided in mid-air. One of the parachutists was fatally injured due to the impact on the ground.
Air plane Parachute Skydive Dubai Desert Drop Zone –Margham, Dubai Destroyed 30/Mar/2021 Accident Fatal Final
AIFN0005/2020 A6-BOR
Accident – 20 Feb 2020
Accident – 20 Feb 2020
Balloon Balloon Accident – 20 Feb 2020 Minor 20/Feb/2020 Accident Serious Summary
AIFN/0002/2021 A6-EPN
Emirates EK957 Boeing 777-31HE ..
Emirates EK957 Boeing 777-31HER Severe Turbulence Occurrence within Nicosia FIR
Air plane Boeing 777-31HER A6-EPN None 17/Jan/2021 Accident Serious Final
SRP/0002/2020 A6
Injuries Caused by In-flight T ..
Injuries Caused by In-flight Turbulence
Air plane A6 United Arab Emirates Air Operators None 31/Dec/2019 Serious Incident Serious Final
AIFN/0006/2020 UP-A3003
Sigma Airlines Airbus A300B4 C ..
Sigma Airlines Airbus A300B4 Collision with Ground Support Vehicle during Parking
Air plane Airbus A300B4-203F Sharjah International Airport Substantial 28/Feb/2020 Accident None Final

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