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Information Technology

The Information Technology department is dedicated to delivering high quality technologies and services to the Authority. It is the goal of the IT department to continuously meet the technological needs of the Authority, and ensure maximum utilization of resources and increase efficiency of employees. The IT department vision on Standardizing, Modernizing and Mobilizing the technology, is given much importance and it is ensured that it is adopted in the day-to-day operations of the department.

The IT department provides its services through the use of modern and sophisticated technologies, with ‘High Availability’ and ‘Load Balancing’ technologies embedded for maximum reliability. The IT Infrastructure is designed with “No Single Point of Failure (SPOF)” model, the high performance & redundant systems-powered with high-end switching and routing-provides a solid infrastructure for scalability, & expansion. Security of the Infrastructure is given paramount importance, to ensure it is well protected and secured.  IT has selected best of breed products to ensure both internal and external threats & risks are addressed in a proper fashion.

Another area of interest which IT specializes on is the Software Development and eServices; major projects were initiated to achieve and transform the Authority to a paperless organization, in accordance with the UAE’s commitment to protect the environment. Not only does the IT department maintain the corporate website and internal portal, it also continuously explores ways of streamlining Authority processes and making them more efficient and helpful. Most of the Authority services were transformed to electronic as part of the strategic objective and were published on the GCAA website for customer access. Similarly a majority of internal processes were developed to be used within the Authority, and are published on the Intranet portal, thus helping maximize efficiency of the staff.

IT Vision:
To standardize, modernize and mobilize IT services of the Authority

IT Mission:
Evaluate, integrate and support innovative technologies to support Authority objectives, while effectively maximizing return on resources by providing a common infrastructure and cost effective methods to easily accrue information


IT Infrastructure Capabilities: 

  • Modern technologies such as IP Telephony, Video Conferencing, Webmail, Push Mail Services & various Office automation technologies.
  • With the high-end Network Infrastructure capability of 10 Gigabyte. IT Department provides seamless & uninterrupted connectivity services to the Authority employees and ensures uptime of the automated services by 24X7.
  • 24X7 availability of E-services, Messaging & Collaboration systems & other critical applications by adopting the best possible technologies through “Blade Center”, while maximizing the  performance, density, scalability & availability of all IT Services
  • IT Department has built a “Tier 3 Data Centre” to centralize all of its critical resources at one place, and ensure high level of Availability, Integrity, & Confidentiality.
  • IT has implemented converged network at the Authority offices.
  • IT has implemented quality solutions for optimized WAN requirements.
  • IT has automated the internal processes for most of the sections & departments to electronic, which are offered via the intranet portal. More than 70 E-services were developed for internal use for various sections such as Admin, Logistics, HR etc.
  • IT has also automated many business processes to E-services, which are offered to external customers via the GCAA website. More than 101 E-services for external customers have been developed, such as ROSI (Reporting of Security Incident), Aviation Security & Dangerous Goods certificate, the E-Audit system, Air Navigation & Aerodrome Services (ANA), Aircraft Induction, Post-Holder Approvals, , Registering an Aircraft, requesting Export CoA, and other Airworthiness and Flight Operations Services.
  • The Authority has transformed its services to electronic and it is completely moving toward the paperless environment, to achieve that feat IT has introduced E-Archiving System for day to day archiving activities of the Authority.
  • IT has mobilized the technology and applications for staff who are on the move by making most of the internal and external services compliant to mobile technology
  • IT Department is certified on “ISO 27001:2005 - Information Security Management System - ISMS” & “ISO 20000:2005 – Information Technology Service Management - ITSM” certifications. This further demonstrates IT's commitment to quality-of-service and secure computing. Through these standards IT strives to achieve standardization in IT processes, maintain & preserve Information Security & provide optimum IT service delivery and customer satisfaction.
  • IT department has implemented Enterprise Project Management framework for quality delivery of projects.
  • To deliver world class services to its internal & external customers, IT has recruited quality professionals from various streams such as Networks, Systems, Programming & Development, Security, & Governance.


  • IT has the following achievements and strives to attain more.
    1. GCC E-Gov award for best content 2009.
    2. ISO 27001:2005 ISMS Certification
    3. ISO 20000:2005 ITSM Certification
    4. Participation for IMS (Pas-99) Certification for GCAA
    5. 100 Score in Federal Government website evaluation.
    6. More than 101 e-Services on GCAA website to cater customers.
    7. More than 70 internal e-Services on Intranet Portal.
    8. Successful ERP Implementation
    9. Development of websites for external agencies such as GFSC, ACAC, MEASRM, etc.
    10. E-Audit System for Inspectors
    11. E-Archiving Implementation in GCAA
    12. IP Telephony, Telepresence, etc.
    13. Unified Network for GCAA
    14. Data Protection System


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