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Information Technology

The Information Technology department is dedicated to delivering high quality technologies and services to the Authority. It is the goal of the IT department to continuously meet the technological needs of the Authority, and ensure maximum utilization of resources and increase efficiency of employees. The IT department vision on Standardizing, Modernizing and Mobilizing the technology, is given much importance and it is ensured that it is adopted in the day-to-day operations of the department.

The IT department provides its services through the use of modern and sophisticated technologies, with ‘High Availability’ and ‘Load Balancing’ technologies embedded for maximum reliability. The IT Infrastructure is designed with NO “Single Point of Failure (SPOF)” model. The high performance & redundant systems-powered with high-end switching and routing provides a solid infrastructure for scalability and expansion. Security of the Infrastructure is given paramount importance, to ensure it is well protected and secured. IT has selected best of breed products to ensure both internal and external threats & risks are addressed in a proper fashion.

Another area of interest which IT specializes in is the automation of services; major projects were initiated to achieve and transform the Authority to a paperless organization, in accordance with the UAE’s commitment to protect the environment. Not only does the IT department maintain the corporate website and internal portal, it also continuously explores ways of streamlining Authority processes and making them more efficient and helpful. Most of the Authority services were transformed to electronic as part of the strategic objective and were published on the GCAA website for customer access. Similarly a majority of internal processes were developed to be used within the Authority, and are published on the Intranet portal, thus helping maximize efficiency of the staff.

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