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Policy, Regulation and Planning

Responsible for managing the Policy, Regulation and Planning branch and its employees

  • Providing support to the UAE Federal Government in the development and review of national aviation security policies and legislation
  • Developing, maintaining and implementing national aviation security Management System (SeMS)
  • Developing and maintaining the security regulation and procedures, dangerous goods regulation and facilitation
  • Developing and maintaining the National Civil Aviation Security Programme (NCASP), the National Civil Aviation Security TrainingProgramme, the National Civil Aviation Quality Control Program, National Screener Certification Programme, Facilitation Programme, and Regulated Agents Programme
  • Developing and issuing Aviation Security Directives to stakeholders regarding new or revised measures
  • Providing support to the National Civil Aviation Security and Facilitation Committee
  • Collecting and analyzing security data, and preparing reports as required
  • Responsible for assessing and approving:
    • Airports Security Programmes
    •  National and Foreign Aircraft Operator Security Programmes
    • Cargo, Catering, Regulated Agents and Tenants Security Programmes
    • Security Training organization
    • Maintenance of Aviation Security Documentation Library
    • Issuance and renewal of Aviation Security Training Agencies certification
  • Responsible for preparing the annual plan of scheduled inspections for international and domestic airports, national and foreigncommercial air operator, catering, regulated agents, tenants and security training organizations

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