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Intelligence and Threat Assessment

Responsible for managing the Intelligence and Threat Assessment branch

  • Providing recommendations to Policy, Regulation and Planning unit for new or changes in the current legislation and or regulations
  • Creating and maintaining a National Data system for recording and analysis of aviation security incidents and breaches
  • Providing briefings on threat assessments to the Oversight and Inspections branch as deemed necessary
  • Conducting threat assessment and security risk management oversight analyses
  • Conducting analysis on security information (also provided by other entities)
  • Preparing regular reports for submission to the DG on the National Civil Aviation Threat level
  • Establishing contacts and cooperating with other civil aviation security national and international authorities
  • Collecting and analyzing security data, and preparing reports as required
  • Conducting investigation of security and dangerous goods incidents in coordination with respective branches
  • Issuing National Aviation Security Identification Card to GCAA staff
  • Issuance of Security Clearance Certificate to Organizations and Individuals
  • Coordinating and cooperating with domestic and international intelligence agencies including the exchange and sharing of security sensitive information

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