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Policy, Regulation and Planning

Responsible for developing technical regulations in collaboration with the technical functions

  • Safety and Licensing
  • Environment: aircraft and equipments noise and emissions standards, flight procedures (zero power approach, continuous flightdescent, ground engine test procedures, APU ground limitation, etc)
  • Air Navigation and Aerodromes (including Search and Rescue coordination)

Responsible for supporting the UAE Federal Government in the definition of national safety, air space and air navigation policies

  • Supporting the preparation of the annual budget and manpower requirements
  • Drafting technical agreements and MoUs and coordinate negotiation with domestic and international entities, eg. internationalair space agreements, flexible use of air space agreements with Armed Forces, national and international SAR coordination agreements, national meteorological (SIGMET) agreements, etc.
  • Developing and maintaining the plans for the Safety Affairs unit, in particular develop, manage and maintain an integrated audit/inspection plan
  • Handling the administration for the ICAO/ISO and internal audits
  • Handling and monitoring ICAO changes
  • Collecting technical statistical data and conduct analysis
  • Managing the consultation process for amendments and for new policies and regulations
  • Consolidating and coordinating internal planning activities

Fatigue Management Rulemaking Advisory Group:

The GCAA has set up a Fatigue Management Rulemaking Task Force as a Rulemaking Advisory Group to set up guidelines and monitor the implementation of the FRMS in compliance with the ICAO requirement within UAE operators and the authority. The Fatigue Management Rulemaking Advisory Group is mandated to review and update Fatigue Management provisions (Flight Duty Time Limitations and rest requirements for commercial air transport (CAT) with aeroplanes taking into account recent scientific and technical evidence and submit an appropriate regulatory proposal for effective implementation of fatigue Management and efficient regulatory oversight. Fatigue Management Rulemaking Advisory Group may login to the following link to download the documented records.

Click here to access "Fatigue Management Rulemaking Advisory Group Documents Library"

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