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Authorizing Entry Point - Cape Town Convention

The Convention and Aircraft Protocol on International Interests in Mobile Equipment on Matters Specific to Aircraft Equipment (“The Convention”) was concluded in and opened for signature at Cape Town on November 16, 2001.

 The Government of United Arab Emirates ratified the accession to “the Convention” on April 13, 2008 and came into force on August 1, 2008.
In the ratification to the Convention, the government of the United Arab Emirates declared that the General Civil Aviation Authority (“GCAA”), acting through its Aircraft Registry (Dubai/Abu Dhabi)  shall be the entry point(s) at which information required for registration in respect of airframes or helicopters to civil aircraft of the United Arab Emirates or aircraft to become a civil aircraft of the United Arab Emirates shall be transmitted, and in respect of aircraft engines may be transmitted, to the International Registry of Mobile Assets (“IR”).

On 17 October, 2011 the General Civil Aviation Authority (“GCAA”) has communicated to concerned Authorities that its Aircraft Registry, in accordance with Article XIX of the Protocol and Section 12.1 (a) of the Regulations and Procedures for the IR, will be the Authorizing Entry Point (“AEP”) in the U.A.E. which shall authorize the transmission of information required for registrations on the IR. Such publication became effective on 24 November 2011. 

The Convention shall apply in relation to aircraft objects as provided by the terms of the Aircraft Protocol and provides for the constitution and effects of an international interest in certain categories of mobile equipment and associated rights; where, pursuant article 7 of the Convention,  an interest is constituted as an international interest where the agreement creating or providing for the interest: (a) is in writing; (b) relates to an object of which the charger, conditional seller or lessor has power to dispose; (c) enables the object to be indentified in conformity with the Aircraft Protocol; and, (d) in the case of a security agreement, enables the secured obligations to be determined, but without the need to state a sum or maximum sum secured.

 An aircraft object eligible for the IR recording must fit at least one of the following categories:

(a) Airframes (other than those used in military, customs and police services) that, when appropriate aircraft engines are installed thereon, are type accepted by the GCAA  to transport: (i) at least eight (8) persons including crew; or, (ii) goods in excess of 2750 kilograms, together with all installed, incorporated or attached accessories, parts and equipment (other than aircraft engines), and all data, manuals and records relating thereto;

(b) Helicopters heavier-than-air machines (other than those used in military, customs or police services) supported in flight chiefly by the reactions of the air on one or more power-driven rotors on substantially vertical axes and which are type accepted by the GCAA to transport: (i) at least five (5) persons including crew; or, (ii) goods in excess of 450 kilograms, together with all installed, incorporated or attached accessories, parts and equipment (including rotors), and all data, manuals and records relating thereto;

NOTE: for new aircraft types that haven’t been yet type accepted by the GCAA, in respect of which there is a valid interest in prospective registration under A6 registration, the GCAA may accept Authorisation of such interests prior to the type certificate being accepted by the GCAA, provided that the state of design type certificate does not contravene the eligibility criteria stated in (a) and (b)

(c) Aircraft Engines (other than those used in military, customs or police service) powered by jet propulsion or turbine or piston technology and: (i) in the case of jet propulsion aircraft engines, have at least 1750 lb of thrust or its equivalent; and, (ii) in the case of turbine-powered or piston-powered aircraft engines, have at least 550 rated take-off shaft horsepower or its equivalent, together with all modules and other installed, incorporated or attached accessories, parts and equipment and all data, manuals and records relating thereto.

In accordance with Article 26 of the Convention, the IR has been established for registrations of the following interest:

(a) International interests, prospective interests and registrable non-consensual rights and interests
(b) Assignments and prospective assignments of international interests;
(c) Acquisitions of international interests by legal o contractual subrogations under the applicable law;
(d) Notices of national interests; and
(e) Subordinations of interests referred to in any of the preceding sub-paragraph.

 To register an interest in eligible UAE civil aircraft and aircraft engines with the International Registry, the interested party must be registered on the GCAA’s website, complete the established Entry Point procedure and obtain an U.A.E. Authorisation Code.

After the GCAA Civil Aircraft Registry provides the interested party with the Authorisation Code, the interested party will be able, by entering the AEP Code, to register the aircraft interests and/or consent to registration of interests on the IR. Upon registration, the International Registry will automatically notify the relevant parties of the registration of interests.

If you are not registered and would like to apply for an UAE Authorisation Code, please, click here for registration

Requirements For Obtaining An UAE Authorisation Code:

The following are the requirements to be completed for obtaining an UAE Auhorisation Code;

Entities or persons (interested party) shall submit on-line application through the e- services available on this website. To this effect, the interested party shall  first have to obtain its own e-services GCAA user account. Once the e-services user name  and password are obtained, applicant will be able to submit the AEP on-line application for which following information shall be completed:

(a) Provide contact details of the GCAA website user: Complete name, address, electronic address, telephone number, name of the Interested party in whose name the applicant is acting on behalf of (if applicable) and name of the IR registry user entity;

(b) Provide name, address, electronic address and telephone number of the aircraft object’s interested parties and its title given by the contract agreement attached or related to the on-line application;

(c) Provide details of all affected parts of the aircraft object: aircraft model,  the manufacturer name, aircraft serial number, the UAE aircraft identification marks (if available); and, engines’ details (name of manufacturer, model and serial numbers);

(d) Provide the desired type of interest to be registered with the IR (e.g. International Interest, Assignment,  Contract of Sale, Notice of Prospective International Interest, Prospective assignment, Prospective sale, discharge or release, other (specify); 

(e) For registering international interests: provide a pdf copy of the document that creates the relevant international interest duly signed by the concerned parties (e.g. contract of sale, lease agreement or any other title of aircraft object property and the International Registry (IR) identity ID number of the concerned parties that will consent to the interest registration on the International Registry);

(f) For discharging an interest: Provide details of the IR file number of the IR registration to be discharged and the IR identity ID number of the concerned parties that will consent to the interest registration on the IR; also, the reference number of the UAE AEP code used to register the interest intended to be discharged (if applicable);

(g) When applicable, the aircraft object to be registered on the IR must be UAE type accepted, except in cases of registration of prospective interests related to aircraft  which type certificate is to be accepted by the GCAA;

(h) A non-refundable 4,000.00 AED plus 74.00 AED processing AEP code fees.

NOTE: An incomplete submission will prevent or delay issuance of  Authorisation Code. Required documents shall be provided in pdf format.


1. If you are not GCAA website user, you must enroll the registration as a new user by clicking here
2. Submit  the AEP application e-form along with required documents.
3. The GCAA will review the AEP application e-form and its attachments.
4. Once the application is acknowledged, you will be instructed for payment fees.
5. Upon payment, a 17 digits number Authorisation Code will be provided for use in entering the related interest(s) into the International Registry database through the International Registry web page.

NOTE: Acceptance of the AEP application e-form does not indicate agreement with or acceptance by the GCAA of any provided document or representations on the form.

Questions about the International Registry must be directed to:

Questions pertaining to GCAA specific requirements may be directed to

Information regarding the Convention and Aircraft Protocol on International Interests in Mobile Equipment on Matters Specific to Aircraft Equipment is available at


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