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Air Navigation Services

Head of Sector: Ahmed Al Jallaf, Assistant Director General for Air Navigation Services Sector

Main responsibilities:

The main mission of the sector is to plan and operate safe, expeditious and efficient air navigation services in the UAE.

Air Navigation Service Provision (ANSP) is structured along standard ICAO principles. The responsibilities include airspace design and the provision of safe and efficient air navigation service to the users of the UAE airspace.

ANSP is stationed in Sheikh Zayed Air Navigation Centre (SZC), the largest and most advanced Air Traffic Management facility in the Middle East. The Centre consists of 2 main buildings, the Area Control Centre (ACC) and the Emergency Centre (EACC). It also has 4 unique 60 meter masts for communication equipment.

The ACC building has 600 square meters ATC room with sufficient capacity to accommodate traffic growth for almost 20 years to come.

Business Units: 

ANS includes 5 business units as follows:

  1. Air Traffic Management (ATM)
  2. Communication,  Navigation,  Surveillance (CNS) Systems
  3. ANSP  Training (TRN)
  4. Aeronautlcal lnformation  Service (AIS)
  5. ANSP  Support  Services


1. Air Traffic Management (ATM)
Air Traffic Management has five main functions:

    • Air Traffic Control (ATC), which includes:
      - Area Control Center (ACC)
      - Approach Control (APR)
      - Communication (COM)
    • Unit Investigation,
    • Research &  Dataset Systems(RDS),
    • Flight  Data & Aircraft  Monitoring.
    • Airspace coordination.


2. Communication, Navigation, Surveillance (CNS) Systems
Communication, Navigation and Surveillance Systems Department has four main functions, namely:

    • CNS engineering, responsible for:
      - Air situation picture display at Area Control Centre and the Emergency Centre;
      - Communications equipment including Voice Communication Control Systems (VCCS), Air Traffic Services (ATS)
         message handling switch etc…;
      - Voice and  data links to domestic airports and neighboring countries;
      - Off-site radars
    • Mechanical and  Electrical engineering
      Responsible for facilities management, mechanical, electrical and general maintenance of the Centre and its remote radar sites
    • IT engineering
      Responsible for the maintenance of Office Computer, Operational Support network, and other peripherals.
    • CNS training and periodical competency checks of engineers and technicians.


3. ANSP Training (TRN)
The ANSP Training section is responsible for the coordination, execution and planning of all site specific training courses. These trainings are designed and updated continuously for all operational equipment and procedures based on relevant published documents like ICAO documents, Local Instructions, Letters of Agreements, UAE AIP etc. The section is responsible for the following functions:

    • Standard site-specific courses
    • Supplementary site-specific courses
    • Ad-hoc site-specific courses
    • Competency program


4.  Aeronautical Information Management (AIM)
The AIM operates as per the Standards and Recommend Practices (SARPS) as provided by ICAO and the General Civil Aviation Authority. The AIM provides information regarding Air Navigation Services Provision and Flight Operations within the UAE FIR. The main responsibilities of the department include:

  • AIM Publication
  • AIM Design (Cartography)
  • PANS-OPS and AIM Data



5. ANSP support services
This section provides the logistical and administrative support functions within SZC including Finance, and HR Support functions.


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