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​​​​​​​​National Air Traffic Control Training Program

​ ​​​
The GCAA-Sheikh Zayed Air Navigation Centre (SZC) eagerly offers the ATC Training program for UAE Nationals and aims to maximize the number of potential and capable UAE national controllers.

Program Objectives:​
Upon completion of the ATC Training Phases, the Air Traffic Control Officer (ATCO) will be able to:
  1. Facilitate the flow of air traffic in the UAE Flight Information Region (FIR).
  2. Separate aircraft per the International Civil Aviation Authority (ICAO) and UAE Civil Aviation Regulations (CARs) to prevent Mid-air collision.
  3. Warn flight crew about danger, and restricted and prohibited zones that might compromise the safety of the flight.
  4. Sequence aircraft arriving at UAE airports and vice versa in addition to passing information to adjacent ATC units.
  5. Handle emergencies, unusual occurrences, and complex situations.
Area Control
This unique type of ATC is responsible for controlling the air traffic volume flying over and in the UAE skies. Every aircraft that departs, arrives, and overflies the UAE airspace communicates with an Air Traffic Control Officer (ATCO) operating at the UAE Area Control Centre (ACC) located at Sheikh Zayed Air Navigation Centre (SZC). The ATCO's role is to direct and guide flight crew toward their destination or the adjacent ATC units. Therefore, the SZC serves as a link between different entities in case of emergencies that comprise any potential to adversely affect the safety of the flight.

Requirements to join the GCAA National ATC Program

  1. Age between 19 – 24 years old.
  2. A holder of High School Certificates in the following subjects: Math, Physics & English with a minimum Grade of 80% or B 
  3. Graduates with a minimum of 2.5 GPA
  4. Ability to understand and communicate in English.
  5. Completion of the National Service Training (for Males). 
  6. Ability to work in a stressful environment and maintain calm manners when under pressure.
  7. High level of aptitude and discipline 

The GCAA is responsible for the training expenses and UAE National trainees will be provided with the following
  1. Monthly Allowance.
  2. Medical Insurance.
  3. Structured Theory and Practical Training.​
  4. Accommodation upon availability for trainees residing outside the city of Abu Dhabi.
  5. GCAA ATC License upon the successful completion of the ATC training program.
  6. Guaranteed Air Traffic Control Officer (ATCO) Position at SZC upon the successful completion of the training program and GCAA logistic requirements.

If you are interested in applying for the National ATC Program, kindly click on the following link to submit your application​​​​