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Vision, Mission & Values

"A leading, safe, secure and sustainable civil aviation system"

“To regulate and oversee aviation safety, security and environment; deliver air navigation services and facilitate air connectivity through international collaboration in order to efficiently serve the general public and the civil aviation industry"


  • Ethics:  In our day to day work, we conduct ourselves with honesty, integrity, responsibility, patriotism and respect.
  • People oriented:  People are our biggest asset, we invest in them and work hard to build relationship with the community.
  • Innovation:  We encourage creativity and imagination that adds and creates value for the aviation sector.
  • Dynamism:  We lead the change by keeping an eye on the future and being ready for constantly transforming world of aviation.
  • Sustainability:  We would always ensure that our actions positively affect our community, the future generations and that we consume resources responsibly.
  • Excellence:  We will not rest on our accomplishments, but continue to improve because we believe that in the race for excellence, there is no finish line.

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