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E-Participation Policy

The UAE General Civil Aviation Authority gives the opportunity to all customers and visitors to involve themselves in the dialogue and interaction on all aspects leading to safe, secure and sustainable civil aviation system. This will enable our customers and visitors to electronically contact us, offer their feedback, or make comments and suggestions for improvements.

Core Objective
Our main objective is to establish an effective process for listening and talking to visitors and customers and to respond to their feedback, complaints and suggestions.

Our pledge to customers and visitors is that we will listen and respond to your comments or suggestions, which are directed at specific services, facilities, websites, or policies related to Aviation. Furthermore, we will acknowledge your input and reply to you with a carefully considered answer. Any discussion topic or comment will be subject to review by the competent official before clearance for publication. It is expected from customers and visitors that they shall behave responsibly and not make comments which are irrelevant to the context of the GCAA website or are inappropriate according to UAE Culture, as these will be removed immediately from view and excluded from consideration. UAE GCAA reserves the right to remove and ban any material that:

  • Challenge or abuse each other’s beliefs.
  • Promote discrimination.
  • Promote unlawful and criminal activities.
  • Violate any legal or intellectual property rights.
  • Violates Privacy of others.
  • Involve a threat to National security.
  • Trespass the privacy of others.
  • Contain foul language.
  • Violate applicable UAE laws, rules, regulations and policies.

E-Participation Tools
The Official website of the GCAA currently provides the following facilities for online participation:

Social networking:

Facebook: Read the latest news and updates related to GCAA website and services as it happens and engage in discussions with other users

Twitter: Receive short and timely messages from and about the GCAA website, services and portals

Instagram: Receive short and timely images and messages from and about the GCAA website, services and portals

Blogs: Allows customers and visitors to respond and provide suggestions on an ongoing topic of discussions related to services, portal and website of GCAA. All responses by customers and visitors are subject to approval

Forums: Customers and Visitors can easily interact with each other, can respond to any ongoing topic or issue and can even start a new topic related to GCAA Services, website and portals

Poll: : To seek visitor and customer’s opinion about an issue of concern and aggregate the responses to see what most people agreed upon

Contact us: Found at the top of webpage of the website where you can leave your comments and suggestions and feedback.

Customer Suggestions: Visitors and Customers may ask questions or post comments, raise inquiries or provide suggestions for the improvements of GCAA services

GCAA follows the E-participation guidelines provided by the Federal E-Government. For more information about the federal government e-participation guidelines click here





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