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Stakeholder / Client Satisfaction Annual Survey 2011

Please fill the following survey (All the fields should be filled in English only).

Personal Information
Email Phone
Nature of Your Job
Section 1: General Perception
1- Do you consider your organization as:
2- How Would you evaluate GCAA location convenience:
Worst Best
3- Which is your preferred channel for communicating with the GCAA:
4- Which Internet channel would you prefer to communicate with GCAA and find GCAA information:
5- How would you assess the level of responsiveness when communicating with us via your preferred channel mentioned above:
Worst Best
6- Please rate our flexibility levels in providing GCAA services:
Worst Best
7- Do you think that the GCAA employees show initiatives when dealing with your transactions, concerns, and demands:
8- How would you rate the level of GCAA pro-activeness and initiatives, in providing services:
Worst Best
Section 2: Services [Top]
1- With which department do you usually interact:
Licensing & Aero Medical
Department of security & Infrastructure
Department of Safety
Strategic Planning & Corporate Excellence
Department of Admin & Finance
Air Navigation Services
Air Transport Department
2- Rate the quality of the services we provide to you
Worst Best
3- Do you find our services reliable and robust:
4- Rate the value of GCAA services to your business
Worst Best
5- Do our services cater to your needs:
6- Do you find our services to be innovative:
7- If you had the option to create a service for the GCAA, what would it be:
Section 3: Service Delivery [Top]
1- What is the best description of GCAA customer service employees attitudes and capabilities

2- Does the GCAA employee give you advice and suggestions based on your reason of visit:
3- How do you find the service delivery swiftness:
4- Does GCAA customer service employee provide the documents and references related to the service:
5- Did you submit a complaint to GCAA customer service:
6- (If you answered the previous question with Yes please answer this question the following question)
7- Do the GCAA employees explain to you the process involved in the services or transactions you request:
Section 4: Transparency [Top]
1- Rate how easy it is for you to access information publicized by the GCAA
Worst Best
2- How would you rate the comprehensibility of our services, procedures and processes:
3- Please rate our transparency level in providing the services:
If you have any other comments, please share it with us

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