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GCAA e-Services Statistics

     Aeronautical Information Services (SZC)
     Air Navigation and Aerodrome Service (ANA)
     Harmful Interference Report 1
     SAC/SIC Code3
     Aerodrome Projects305
     Air Traffic Control
     Initial Issue of Air Traffic Controller (ATC) Licence (ATCL)148
     Renewal of Air Traffic Controller (ATC) Licence596
     Renewal of Certificate of Competence (CoC) Request837
     Request of Additional Rating Issue to Air Traffic Controller (ATC) Licence16
     Replacement of Air Traffic Controller (ATC) Licence (Lost Damaged or Changes of Information)5
     Endorsement (OJT LCE EXM) issue to Air Traffic Controller (ATC) License105
     Renewal of English Language Proficiency (ELP) to Air Traffic Controller (ATC) Licence85
     Initial Issue of Student Air Traffic Controller Licence (SATCL) request157
     Re-issue Request of Certificate of Competence (Suspension or Lapses of Currency)4
     Withdrawal or Amendment request to Status of ATC Licence Rating Endorsement and-or Certificate of Competence103
     Aircraft Modification718
     Type Certificate Validation75
     CoR - Issuance393
     CoA - Issuance476
     CoR - Amendment197
     CoA - Export198
     Register Manufacturer8
     CoR De-Registration276
     Registration Booking563
     CoA - Renewal925
     CAR-145 Approval750
     CAR-145 Approval545
     CAR-145 Approval442
     CAR-145 Approval106
     Flight Permit 122
     CAMO Approval73
     CAMO Approval58
     CAMO Approval23
     ARC Issuance418
     ARC Endorsement1764
     Authorizing Entry Point
     Authorizing Entry Point Code1371
     Aviation Security Reporting System
     Aviation Security Reporting Service55
     Sim Qualification - Renewal147
     Issue of Medical Certificate32768
     Renewal of flight dispatcher licence362
     Issue of Cabin Crew licence23737
     Issue of CPL CPL-IR ATPL or MPL (Foreign Conversion) Request4355
     Conversion of old Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Licence (AMEL) into CAR 66 (AMEL)472
     Removal of limitation from Aircraft Maintenance Engineer licence (AMEL) basic category461
     Issue of PPL CPL ATPL MPL IR1399
     Upgrade request from GCAA CPL-IR to ATPL579
     Renewal Request of CPL-IR or ATPL70
     Initial Issue of flight crew Type Rating229
     Initial Issue of temporary validation of foreign aircraft maintainance engineer licence (AMEL)28
     Extension of temporary validation of foreign aircraft maintainance engineer licence (AMEL)8
     Issue of Additional flight crewType Rating Request2830
     Renewal of Cabin Crew licence2424
     Issue of (ELP) Endorsement31
     Renewal of (ELP) Certificate3209
     Issue of Temporary Validation of flight crew licence221
     Issue of practical assessor approval (AMEL)30
     Issue of Temporary Validation of Cabin Crew licence99
     Amendment- replacement of Cabin Crew licence1056
     Extension of Temporary validation of flight crew licence45
     Renewal of Medical Certificate40187
     Amendment of flight crew Licence - Change of Information871
     Amendment- Replacement of flight dispatcher licence request130
     Replacement of flight crew Licence - Loss-Damage50
     Initial Issue of Flight Instructor Rating79
     Issue of Additional Type Rating to Cabin Crew licence11756
     Renewal of Flight Instructor Rating1
     Issue of Flight Dispatcher licence202
     Replacement of Medical Certificate (Lost - Damage)8721
     P2 Deletion2072
     Amendment- Replacement of Aircraft Maintenance Engineer licence (AMEL)163
     Extension of Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Licence (AMEL) to include new category234
     Issue - Replacement of Crew Member Certificate1047
     Renewal of Crew Member Certificate3511
     Issue of flight crew Authorization303
     Extension of flight crew Authorisation28
     Simulator - Qualification77
     Sim Qualification - Amendment14
     Issue of Aircraft Maintenance Engineer licence (AMEL)649
     Issue of Aircraft Maintenance Engineer licence (AMEL) based on foreign licence Request390
     Removal of limitation from Aircraft Maintenance Engineer licence (AMEL) Type Rating318
     Renewal of Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AMEL) licence77
     Endorsement of Aircraft Maintenance Engineer licence (AMEL) type rating3610
     Sickness Reporting request of Candidate4491
     Re-instatement of Candidate (Fitness to work)4986
     Amendment of Medical Certificate7645
     Medical Follow up request of Candidate1015
     GCAA License Verification Letter2099
     Foreign License Verification Request650
     Issue of Drone Certificate122
     Civil Aviation Regulations (CARs) 1621
     Information Bulletin (IB)1323
     Airworthiness Notices (AWN)231
     Civil Aviation Advisory Publication (CAAP)175
     Notice of Proposed Amendment53
     Aeronautical Information Services (AIS)326
     Notice To Aerodrome Certificate Holders134
     Notice To Aerodrome Certificate Holders (NOTAC)187
     Security Directives122
     E-Publication Subscription Amendment Notification758
     Flight Operations
     AOC - Issuance28
     OpSpec - Issuance4
     OpSpec - Amendment591
     AOC - Renewal135
     Sim User Approval - Renewal198
     Simulator - User Approval221
     Nominated Personnel Initial1999
     Instructor-Examiner Initial981
     Nominated Personnel Amendment94
     Nominated Personnel Renewal778
     Nominated Personnel Revocation146
     Instructor-Examiner Amendment766
     Instructor-Examiner Renewal620
     Instructor-Examiner Revocation286
     E-Audit System11451
     Reporting of Safety Incidents - (ROSI) - AOAW6109
     Reporting of Safety Incidents - (ROSI) - Aerodrome Occurance Reporting (AOR)212
     Reporting of Safety Incidents - (ROSI) - ATS Occurance3942
     Reporting of Safety Incidents - (ROSI) - Bird and Wildlife Hazard Occurance (BWI)1759
     ROSI - CNS Equipment Outage Report3
     Safety & Security
     Air Operator22
     Ground Handling Agent22
     Freight Forwarder89
     Training Organization9
     Packaging Supplier1
     Security Training Program11
     Reporting of Dangerous Goods Occurence461
     Reporting of Security Breach1620
     Security Clearance
     Security Clearance Issuance545
     Web Site

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