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As a federal body, the General Civil Aviation Authority of the United Arab Emirate is committed to expanding conversation on aviation and related issues in the UAE and internationally in a transparent manner.
The GCAA encourages communication among its employees and stakeholders.  It recognises that social media has become of easy access to everyone, as well as being a key tool for communicating and stimulate conversation, share facts, information and initiate discussions.
The purpose of this document is to provide GCAA staff and stakeholders with general guidelines on how to communicate on and use social media.


  • Social Media - Forms of web-based communication tools that allow users to participate in private or public interactive dialogue
                         i. Social media include but are not limited to: Facebook, Twitter, Google puls, LinkedIn, Bebo, Yammer, wikis, forums, Youtube, etc)
  • Account - A page or profile created within a social media platform to represent a company or an individual
  • Unofficial Social Media Account - An account on a social media platform that was not created by GCAA’s communications department
  • Official Social Media Account - An account on a social media platform that was not created and managed by GCAA’s communications department
  • Anti-content – content that deviates from GCAA’s interests and objectives,  and affects the organisation’s reputation 


The GCAA Social Media Policy applies to:

  • All staff members of the General Civil Aviation Authority
  • Third-party contractors to the GCAA
  • Stakeholders to the GCAA

The all mentioned above should apply this policy when:

  • Posting on the Authority’s or their personal social media accounts about GCAA’s business, stakeholders, employees, partners or other aviation bodies
  • Participating in developing any social media material (videos, photos etc.) related to GCAA’s business, stakeholders, employees, partners or other aviation bodies


This section describes the requirements that are most relevant to GCAA employees and contractors participating in social media of various kinds (GCAA hosted and external). It is extremely important that you follow these requirements.

Protect Confidential Information

  • Employees and contractors may not disclose GCAA’s confidential information on any social media platform whether owned by  GCAA or personally - this includes nonpublic information such as anything related to GCAA’s strategy, forecasts, policies, which has not been made public
  • Employees and contractors may not disclose information of other GCAA employees, customers, stakeholders and partners on social media, unless approved by the communications department and written permission from the relevant parties – this includes sensitive personal information and details related to GCAA’s business with its customers
  • Employees and contractors may not publish (nor should you possess) our stakeholders' or partners’ proprietary or confidential information

Authenticity and integrity

  • All shared information related to GCAA and the industry must be true
  • Employees and contractors should should not communicate rumors or unverifiable facts
  • Employees and contractors who are no longer contractually affiliated with GCAA should immediately update their profile to disassociate themselves from the Authority
  • Employees and contractors should not under any circumstances enter into an argument on social media about the Authority 
  • Employees and contractors are encouraged to follow, like, retweet and repost from GCAA’s  official social media channels, but not to comment or highlight their affiliation with the Authority
  • Employees and contractors must never engage in threatening behavior such as harassment, threat of violence, using profanity or promoting illegal behavior
  • Employees and contractors must not share links to websites that contain violent or threatening comments in social media posts
  • Employees and contractors must not share any inappropriate or sexual content

Refrain from Objectionable or Inflammatory Posts

  • Employees and contractors may not post anything that is false, misleading, obscene, defamatory, profane, discriminatory, libelous, threatening, harassing, abusive, hateful, or embarrassing to another person, entity or business. Make sure to respect others' privacy. Third party Web sites and blogs that you link to must meet our security standards.

Don't Speak for GCAA

  • Employees and contractors should remember that they are not official spokespeople for GCAA, and should make it clear that their opinions are their own and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Authority.

Don't Post Anonymously

  • While you are not an official spokesperson, your status as a GCAA employee may still be relevant to the subject matter. You should identify yourself as an employee if failing to do so could be misleading to readers or viewers.
  • Employees and contractors should not engage in covert advocacy for GCAA. Whenever you are blogging about GCAA-related topics or providing feedback relevant to GCAA to other blogs or forums, identify yourself as an GCAA employee. – only approved personal by the communications department my engage in bloges about GCAA matters.

Respect Copyrights

  • Employees and contractors should adhere to others' intellectual property rights, including copyrights. While certain limited use of third-party materials (for example, use of a short quotation that you are providing comment on) may not always require approval from the copyright owner, it is still required to add a reference to the owners comment and link them to the original source

Media Responsibly

  • Employees and contractors may only share pictures, videos or other materials relating to the GCAA that are readily available to the public and have the approval of the communications department. No sensitive, confidential or secret images will be published through any social media platforms
  • Remember that you may be viewed as endorsing video content (whether hosted by YouTube or elsewhere) or other content you link to from your blog or posting, whether created by yourself, by other GCAA employees, or by third-parties, and the Social Media Policy applies to this content.

Stick to GCAA Topics

  • Social media platforms blogs and posts that are hosted or run by GCAA should focus on topics that are related to GCAA’s business. Employees and contractors should avoid subject areas that are likely to be controversial, such as politics and religion
  • Employees and contractors must reflect and be in line with GCAA’s  key messages if and when they share information related to GCAA

Don't Misuse GCAA Resources

  • Personal social media activities must not interfere with your work or productivity at GCAA. Don't use company resources to set-up your own blogging environment, even if you are blogging about matters related to GCAA.
  • Employees and contractors should never share any information, resources  or materials that could harm GCAA’s reputation.


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