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Quality and Risk Management

The Quality and Risk Management department at GCAA is responsible for quality assurance, quality control, standards certifications and promotion, Safety Risk Management and Enterprise Risk and Business Continuity Management.

The department has three sections:

  • Quality and Compliance
  • Enterprise Risk and Resilience
  • Customer Experience

The main responsibilities of the department are:

Quality and Compliance

  • Identify, develop, maintain, distribute and update the QHSE standards manuals and procedures.
  • Monitor performance of corporate processes and ensure that performance standards are met, and identify improvement initiatives and generate periodic quality reports.
  • Conduct QHSE control and report findings
  • Identify and support the implementation of corrective actions
  • Develop and execute quality promotion plan and excellence culture program
  • Support achievement and maintenance of quality certifications
  • Establish means to capture and analyze data on reported hazards voluntarily, on confidential basis, through the Voluntary Reporting system (VORSY) and monitoring the results.

Enterprise Risk and Resilience

  • Define the authority’s policy, strategy and plan for Risk and Business Continuity Management.
  • Identify and prioritize corporate risks (financial, technical and legal) based on service priority.
  • Work with senior management to create cost effective controls for proper protection against risks and to ensure business continuity.
  • Provide recommendations to higher management and Board of Directors on the corporate risks and established business continuity plans.
  • Collect results of internal/external audits and monitor resolution of issues, in coordination of the GCAA’s functions.
  • Define required awareness programs for GCAA staff on Enterprise Risk Management and Business Continuity.
  • Plan for and execute yearly risk simulation exercises.
  • Perform GCAA cyber-security risk assessment.
  • Ensure structured response to emergencies, crisis or disasters related to the civil aviation sector.
  • Coordinate with concerned authorities and relevant stakeholders on sector crisis, disaster and emergency incidents.
  • Manage Crisis Operations Room before, during and after an incident.

Customer Experience

  • Develop the overall strategy, vision and goals for customer experience.
  • Conduct analytical studies on customer needs
  • Study the customer journeys and identify improvement points.
  • Manage the call center operations.
  • Develop and enhance customer experience management processes.
  • Manage customer inquiries and complaints
  • Evaluate customer satisfaction.

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