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UAE signs an Agreement with the Republic of Colombia to provide it with technical assistance in the field of Civil Aviation as part of the ICAO’s ‘No Country Left Behind’
Category : GCAA,   Date : Apr, 17 2018
Dubai, United Arab Emirates, April 17, 2018: The United Arab Emirates, represented by the UAE General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA), signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Republic of Colombia represented by the Aeronautica Civil De Colombia (ACC) to provide technical assistance programme, and enhance cooperation on civil aviation.

The move comes as part of the UAE commencing the new initiative supporting other countries as part of the ICAO ‘No country left behind’ initiative aimed to offer assistance to ICAO Member States for improving effective implementation of the Convention on International Civil Aviation (the Chicago Convention) and its Annexes and Procedures.

His Excellency Saif Mohammad Al Suwaidi said, “We welcome enhanced cooperation between our countries on in this area. The GCAA recognises the importance of a consistent approach when it comes to the benefit of improving the civil aviation system globally. With the introduction of innovative new technology and the UAE being the pioneer in Civil aviation Safety and Security globally, we are more than happy to share our knowledge and experience to the world to help improve other countries. This approach also reinforces the UAE’s leading position in global aviation and strengthens GCAA’s position as the facilitator of a leading, safe, secure and sustainable civil aviation system.”

The MOU agreement will promote, develop and reinforce administrative, technical and scientific cooperation based on mutual and reciprocal benefit, by strengthening the close links between the two countries in the field of civil aviation with the aim of promoting and further enhancing aviation safety and security through technical staff competency, data analysis and data sharing, rulemaking, oversight and surveillance management.

The agreement is rooted in new principles regarding international cooperation for aviation development in the initiative of the ‘No Country Left Behind’ by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) that UAE is supporting.

The General Civil Aviation Authority is the federal authority that manages and regulates the UAE airspace and the aviation sector in order to serve the public in a dynamic and thriving aviation environment.

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