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Committee Leaders to Evaluate Progress in Implementing Global Aviation Safety Road Map and will outline Combined Strategy Aimed at Increasing Aviation Safety Standards across The Middle East Region
Category : ,   Date : Jan, 07 2010

The upcoming summit meeting of the members and observers of the Top Level Safety Team of the Middle East Aviation Safety Roadmap is scheduled to be held on 14 January 2010, key focus at the summit will include progress evaluation of the steps outlined to implement the Global Aviation Safety Roadmap.

Capt. Nikolaos Antypas ICAO Safety expert presently GCAA Advisor has been nominated to be the Secretary of the Middle East Aviation Safety Roadmap.

“It is our primary focus to create an active working strategy that promotes higher aviation safety initiatives through the combined efforts of regulators, industry professionals, manufacturers and stakeholders,” said Saif al Suwaidi, Director General of the GCAA. “We are delighted to welcome the support and participation of key GCC states and look to align effective policies with a broader regional perspective.”

Al Suwaidi will address members countries on the progress and challenges faced following the first year of implementing the Aviation Safety Roadmap. Ensuring equal regional representation, the Middle East Safety Team will be co-chaired by both governments and industry experts on a rotational calendar thereby increasing involvement and including broader viewpoints.

The resolutions following the summit hosted in 2008 in Abu Dhabi received strong support from leading global aviation councils including the ICAO, FSF, EASA and others.

Suwaidi added: “Both regional and global heads of aviation recognise the challenges aviation departments face during a period of widespread growth and expansion. The necessity of ensuring sufficient numbers of aviation professionals on hand, changing cultural protocol systems, preparing to adopt and include the latest in aviation technology and larger aircrafts, channelling commercial and military air traffic are just a few among primary concerns a rapidly developing region like the GCC faces.”

With focus on ensuring the highest air safety protocol, systems, safety management programs and standards, senior delegates from attending GCC states will follow a collaborative strategy that aims to make air safety management in the Middle East a paradigm for other countries to follow.

The Aviation Safety Roadmap is a collaborative strategy designed by the ISSG to identify weaknesses and recommend enhancements in air safety. The members of the ISSG  include the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO); International Air Transport Association (IATA); Airport Council International (ACI); International Federation of Airlines Pilots Association (IFALPA); Flight Safety Foundation (FSF); Civil Air Navigation Services Organization (CANSO); and aircraft manufacturers Airbus and Boeing, all of whom were represented at the Summit.


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