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Safety Survey

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1. Please rate how much of a threat you think each of the following are to airline safety:

1.1 Shortage of experienced personnel *
1.2 Airline management experience / attitudes / culture *
1.3 Rapid growth in airline size *
1.4 Fatigue / work practice (pilots, engineers, ATC etc.) *
1.5 Prescriptive rules published by the GCAA *
1.6 Lack of safety guidance from the GCAA *
1.7 Lack of effective regulatory oversight *
2. Considering the above threat to Aviation, what do you recommend the GCAA can/should do to maintain an acceptable level of safety ?

2.1 E-services processes are efficient and effective – no major enhancement is required
- Highlight need enhancement.
Any Suggestion for improvement of 2.1 ?

2.2 Service cards are useful tool to know the conditions and requirements that an applicant must meet and are they user friendly? *
Any Suggestion for improvement of 2.2 ?

2.3 Do you  believe that service delivery time is acceptable?
Please add your expected timeline for the service(s) of your need
Any Suggestion for improvement of 2.3 ?

2.4 Q-pulse for audit notification, report completion, findings follow-up and recording is a good tool. *
Any Suggestion for improvement of 2.4 ?

2.5 Q-pulse for managing approval or acceptance of manuals and their controls is a good tool. *
Any Suggestion for improvement of 2.5 ?

2.6 Do you think that the GCAA conducts enough safety promotion events? *
Any Suggestion for improvement of 2.6 ?

2.7 Do you think that inspections/audits by GCAA inspectors are performed to an acceptable standards?If disagree please elaborate on where should the GCAA improve (e.g : notification, scope, Auditors technique & attitude, findings, follow-up on findings….) *
Any Suggestion for improvement of 2.7 ?

2.8 Do you think that investigations of ROSI are conducted to an acceptable standards? (e.g : reporting to GCAA, ROSI platform, technical query conducted by the GCAA, slow response…..) *
Any Suggestion for improvement of 2.8 ?

2.9 Do you think that the rulemaking process is enough transparent and fair ? (e.g. CRD, NPA, consultative committee, consultation period….) *
Any Suggestion for improvement of 2.9 ?

2.10 Any Other Suggestion or Feedback?


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