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Finance & Administration

The Finance and Administration department includes the following sections:

  • Finance
  • General Admin

Overall responsibilities include:


  • Managing financial and accounting operations
  • Managing the overall financial performance (financial control)
  • Reviewing fees and charges values for approval by the authorized parties
  • Reviewing and approving financial policies and procedures and templates
  • Reviewing periodic financial reports and financial statements
  • Performing budgetary control and manage budget preparation
  • Managing treasury and cash flow, in particular
    1. Revenues and receivables
    2. Payables and Payroll execution (in coordination with Human Capital)
  • Managing capital projects from Financial perspective
  • Providing financial advice on proposed changes of any policy, revenue sources and expenditures
  • Reviewing long term financial forecast in coordination with the other GCAA functions

General Administration:

  • Overseeing maintenance and security of facilities internally or via third party contractors
  • Overseeing delivery of office services, catering, cleaning, recreation, transportation and mail services, travel reservation, visa and immigration, airport passes, housing, etc…

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