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Human Capital

It is an easily demonstrated fact that human resources are the backbone of every organization seeking to accomplish its corporate objectives, meet market demands and clients changing expectations. The working force or manpower is no longer considered an overhead that should be limited or reduced but rather as “Human Capital” which is a vital asset that needs to be well selected="true", protected and developed. This is equally important for both public and private organizations. Public organizations such as GCAA contend on a daily basis with market forces demanding responsive and value-add service to stay relevant as a policy maker and/or a market regulator. Therefore, it is vital for a government organization such as GCAA to strongly compete and meet the market demands and public expectations by attracting and retaining qualified human capital.

At its inception the Authority, as a regulatory body of the UAE Civil Aviation Industry, recognized the need to develop and implement a human resources policy embracing a system that is flexible and dynamic and therefore fully adaptable to civil aviation requirements.

HR services are fully adaptable to current needs and requirements. This is due to the establishment of teamwork and a quick response approach. Department Heads are well informed of the HR policy and procedures and are regularly consulted and involved in the recruitment process and other related staff issues. HR transactions such as payroll and leave are efficiently processed and recorded through the newly purchased HR system. With this software program the work flow between various Finance & Administration divisions and with other departments is fully harmonized. As well priority has been given to an nationalization program resulting in UAE Nationals now making up 43.18% of the Authority staff.

Looking to the future and to keep an upper hand on existing demands needed to meet the on-going and new challenges, the Authority’s HR services need to:

  1. Stay proactive by remaining informed of each department’s activities and new initiatives to plan and prepare for any repercussion these activities might have on Human Resources.
  2. Enforce and enhance the systematic approach of all HR related issues particularly recruitment, job evaluation/grading and performance appraisals.
  3. Follow market trends particularly related to civil aviation in terms of new HR initiatives and compensation and adjust or respond as required.
  4. Be informed of the UAE Government’s HR policies and regulations, particularly those related to nationalization, and cooperate with local educational and public institutions.

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