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Strategy & International Affairs 

Strategy and International Affairs plays a critical role in helping the organization to identify, develop, implement and monitor Business Excellence initiatives, concepts and sustain integration of Management Systems across the board to ensure continuous quality improvement in every business units.

Corporate Strategy & Performance
The main function of this section is to determine, in consultation with the senior management, the direction of the GCAA over the next five year and more.

Air Transport
Air Transport Section in the General Civil aviation Authority (GCAA) is responsible of air services agreements signed between UAE and other states, and to negotiate with the foreign states for the purpose of concluding agreements regarding scheduled and non-scheduled operations and any other agreements relating to international air transport.

External Affairs
Responsible of external affairs.

Corporate Communication
To handle all issues related to Marketing & Corporate Communications that include ongoing activities to ensure the organization has a strong public image and helping the public to understand the organization and its activities, beside creating and monitoring external communication procedures to facilitate communication within the GCAA and with external stakeholders.

Corporate Development
Many tasks, activities, initiatives and projects are started in organizations which are completed with varying degrees of success. The aim of the Programme Management section is to introduce a discipline that gives consistency, to the initiating, managing and completion of projects.  By introducing standards and methods of reporting, the Programme Management section will introduce consistency and specific performance in the management of projects and initiatives.  Projects will have defined stages; they will have a beginning where the business benefits, budgetary requirements, resources and initial planning will be clearly defined; they will have a middle, where performance to the initial plan is monitored by an ongoing process and they will have an end, where the business objective is achieved according, as closely as possible to the initial plan within time and to budget.


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