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Airworthiness Department ensures that the initial and continued airworthiness of all aircraft registered in UAE are maintained in accordance with the UAE Civil Aviation Regulation CAR Part V and ensures the set standard of aircraft and components maintenance is provided by the aircraft maintenance organizations maintaining UAE registered aircraft based in and outside UAE.

The Airworthiness department consists of 3 sections:

  1. CAR M
  2. CAR 145
  3. Engineering


1- CAR M

The GCAA decided to introduce CAR M in 2010 in order to bring the authority in line with EASA Part M regulation. The GCAA gave all UAE operators one year to comply with its contents. CAR M finally became active in 01 July 2012 and all UAE operators adopted this regulation.
The reason for the Introduction of this regulation is to establish common technical and administrative procedures for ensuring the continuing airworthiness of UAE Registered aircraft including any component for installation to those aircraft.


The following services summarize the major responsibilities of CAR M section:

  • Approving foreign continued airworthiness management organization (CAMO) which would conduct work for UAE based operator
  • Approve all aircraft operators in the UAE for the capability of managing and monitoring the continued airworthiness of their operated aircraft in accordance with CAR Ops 1 & 3, CAR M as part of Air Operator Certificate (AOC) and Private Operator Certificate (POC) certification process
  • Register all aircraft to be under AOC or POC issued by the GCAA
  • Certify all aircraft to be operated under Air Operator Certificate (AOC) and Private Operator Certificate (POC) issued by the GCAA with regard to airworthiness, issue C of A (Certificate of Airworthiness), Noise Certificate and process of Airworthiness Review Certificate (ARC)
  • Conduct periodical surveillance and audits on all Air Operator Certificate (AOC) and Private Operator Certificate (POC) holders in regards to Continued Airworthiness Management organization (CAMO)
  • Approve all related manuals and expositions deemed mandatory for the operation of aircraft, such as MEL, AMP, CAME, Technical Log Book, Aircraft Flight Test Schedule, etc.
  • Participate in incidents investigations through Reporting Of Safety Incident (ROSI) system
  • Issue Flight Permits for aircraft to operate outside the limitation of the flight and maintenance manuals

List of the online services provided by CAR M:

 2 - CAR 145

The primary role of the section is to regulate safety in the industry by conducting the activities that ensure organizations involve in the maintenance of UAE registered aircraft and the components, are in compliance with the applicable airworthiness regulations. It promotes and encourages the industry to deliver high standards of airworthiness and maintenance. The activities are conducted through various processes, taking into account all aspects of airworthiness which have impact on aviation safety. These processes include having trained personnel, up- to- date rules and regulation, implementing effective safety oversight program, , effective internal procedures and industry’s guidance materials, application of modern tools and methodology and management of continuous improvement of these processes.

The following services summarize the major responsibilities of CAR 145 section:

  • Approve all Aircraft Maintenance Organizations (AMO) based in UAE or outside UAE which maintain aircraft registered in UAE in accordance with CAR 145
  • Conduct periodical surveillance and audits on all Aircraft Maintenance Organizations approved by the GCAA
  • Participate in incidents investigations. Providing specialized input on incidents investigation through ROSI system
  • Participate in Flight Permits issuance for aircraft to operate outside the limitation of the flight and maintenance manuals with consultation with the manufacturers
  • Answer industry and other GCAA department’s queries regarding airworthiness and safety issues

List of the services provided by CAR 145:


  3 - Engineering

Engineering Safety Section - a section within the GCAA Department of Airworthiness, consists of professional engineers with knowledge and experience in initial product certification including design and production organizations, changes and repairs. The GCAA Engineering Safety Section is primarily responsible for CAR 21 "Certification of Aircraft And Related Products, Parts and Appliances, and of Design and Production Organizations".

The following services summarize the major responsibilities of Airworthiness section:

  • Type Acceptance after Type Certificate Validation
  • Change and Repair Approvals
  • Approve all Aircraft Design Organizations (DO) based in or outside UAE which issue design modification for aircraft registered in the UAE
  • Production Organization Approvals
  • Airworthiness Directives
  • Writing of relevant rules, guidance and advisory material
  • Provides support for Flight Permits, Waivers and Operational Approvals
  • Investigation of Safety events lodged through ROSI

List of the services provided by CAR 21:


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