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Air Navigation and Aerodrome

The Air Navigation & Aerodromes (ANA) Department is responsible for the policy, planning and provision of the regulatory and the safety oversight activities for the United Arab Emirates Civil Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs), aerodromes, heliports and flight procedure design organizations. The ANA Department is also responsible for airspace management and approvals of commercial unmanned aviation vehicle operations and activities affecting airspace, such as pyrotechnics and laser light shows.

The ANA Department has two sections:

  1. Air Navigation Section
    Responsible for regulation, certification, approvals and safety oversight of the Air Traffic Services (ATS), Aeronautical Information Management (AIM), Communication Navigation and Surveillance / Aeronautical Information Resource Services (CNS/AIRS), Air Traffic Management (ATM), Aviation Meteorology (MET) and Search and Rescue Coordination Services (SAR) Instrument flight Procedure Design (IFPD), Objects Affects Airspace (OAS), Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS).
  2. Aerodrome Section
    Responsible for Aerodrome regulation, certification, approvals and safety oversight of Aerodrome Operations (AOP) and Rescue Fire Fighting Services (RFFS). Aerodromes, as defined in CAR IX, includes airports, surface and ground level heliports, helidecks and water aerodromes.

For more information about implementation of heliport/helideck and aircraft landing area regulations and guidance material, email us on:

For more information about certification, approvals and acceptances, e-mail us on:

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