GEN 3.4 Communications services

3.4.1 Responsible service Service name
  1. The authority responsible for co - ordinating telecommunications services between Emirates and for the administration of international telecommunication services is the Communications Office of the General Civil Aviation Authority.

  2. The telecommunications services and navigation facilities in the Emirates Flight Information Region are not administered by a single authority but by the Civil Aviation Administrations of applicable Emirates. Contact addresses and numbers can be found under the appropriate GEN 1 listing.

  3. Arrangements concerning these services, or any enquiries, suggestions or complaints regarding telecommunications services at individual stations, should be referred to the relevant administration or operating authority for the telecommunications station concerned. Postal address:
Post:Communications Office
General Civil Aviation Authority
P.O. Box 666
Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates Telephone : + 971 2 599 6851 Telefax : + 971 2 599 6852 AFS : OMAEYFYX Telecommunication services within the UAE are provided in accordance with the Standards and Recommended Practices described in Annex 10, Aeronautical Telecommunications. More detailed information can be obtained from Annex 10 read in conjunction with the following ICAO documents:
  1. Doc 7030, Part 3 - Regional Supplementary Procedures (COM procedures - Middle East Region)

  2. Doc 7910 - Location Indicators

  3. Doc 8400 - ICAO Abbreviations and Codes

  4. Doc 8585 - Designators for Aircraft Operating Agencies, Aeronautical Authorities and Services

  5. Doc 8643 - Aircraft Type Designators

Any differences to Standards and Recommended Practices are published in GEN 1.7. A 24 hour service is provided.

3.4.2 Area of responsibility

The Communications Office of the General Civil Aviation Authority is responsible for international telecommunications services within the Emirates FIR.

3.4.3 Type of service Radio navigation service

The following types of radio aids to navigation are available:

  1. LF / MF Non - Directional Beacon

  2. Instrument Landing System

  3. VHF Omnidirectional System

  4. Distance Measuring Equipment Mobile Service
  1. The aeronautical stations within the Emirates Flight Information Region maintain a continuous watch on their stated frequencies during the published hours of the service unless otherwise notified.

  2. An aircraft should normally communicate with the air ground control station which exercises control in the area in which it is flying. Aircraft should maintain continuous watch on the appropriate frequency of the control station and should not cease watch, except for reasons of safety, without the authority of the control radio station. Broadcasting service

Broadcast services are confined to Automatic Terminal Information Services (ATIS) located at the following aerodromes:







At stations within the Emirates FIR, the language used in air - ground communications is English. Detailed information can be obtained from a Senior Communications Officer at the applicable units.

3.4.4 Requirements and conditions At stations within the Emirates FIR, messages to be transmitted over the Aeronautical Fixed Service are accepted only if:
  1. they satisfy the requirements of Annex 10, Volume II, Chapter 3-3.3

  2. they are prepared in the form specified in Annex 10, and

  3. the text of an individual message does not exceed 1800 characters. General aircraft operating agency messages are only accepted for transmission to the countries which have agreed to accept Class 'B' traffic. Class 'B' messages are accepted for transmission over the aeronautical fixed telecommunication network. These messages together with all reservations messages are chargeable. The applicable rates will be advised on request. The number of chargeable groups will be assessed in accordance with Articles 18 to 22 of the International Telegraph Regulations (Paris, 1949), that is to say, the international group count will be employed.

3.4.5 Request for connection to AFTN Request for connection to the AFTN shall be forwarded to the address mentioned in GEN Applicants are required to hold an ICAO three letter designator before connection.

Note: Applications for an ICAO three letter designation shall be forwarded to the address mentioned in GEN