GEN 1.6 Summary of national regulations and international agreements / conventions

1.6.1 International agreements / conventions International agreements and conventions ratified by the UAE are incorporated in Federal Decrees. Copies of decrees are available in Arabic language from the Ministry of Justice.

1.6.2 Summary of national regulations Aviation operations are to be conducted in accordance with UAE law. Detailed list of ordinances may be obtained from the Director General of Civil Aviation. Civil Aviation Law The provisions of Civil Aviation law shall apply in respect of:
  1. Civil aviation in the territory of the state;
  2. Civil aircraft registered in the state, wherever they may be, subject to the laws of any foreign state in which they are operating;
  3. Civil airports in the state, including all technical activities such as air traffic control and the installation, operation and maintenance of communications equipment, navigation aids, meteorology etc, and;
  4. Air transport in general. The following terms used in this AIP are defined by Civil Aviation law:
  1. Competent Authority - The Ministry of Communications or the body designated from among its departments to supervise matters relating to civil aviation and its development.

    Note: The General Civil Aviation Authority has since been designated by federal law as the competent authority.

  2. Appropriate authority - The concerned authorities of the respective Emirates. Civil Aviation regulations

The sections of the UAE national regulations are indicated below:

  1. Part I Definitions
  2. Part II Licensing Regulations
    Chapter 1 Licensing and Rating Requirements
    Chapter 2 Flight Crew Licensing CAR FCL
    Chapter 3 Licence - Flight Engineer
    Chapter 4 Licence - Cabin Crew
    Chapter 5 Medical Provisions
    Chapter 6 Licence Flight Dispatcher
    Chapter 7 Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Licensing
    Chapter 8 Approved Maintenance Training Organisations
    Chapter 9 Organisation Requirements for Aircrew ORA
    Chapter 10 Light Sports Aircraft (LSA) Regulation
  3. Part III General Regulations
    Chapter 1 Rules of the Air
    Chapter 2 General Rules
    Chapter 3 Visual Flight Rules
    Chapter 4 Instrument Flight Rules
    Chapter 5 Aerodromes
    Chapter 6 Maintenance / Training Organisations Regulation (ORG)
    Chapter 7 Airspace Infringement
    Chapter 8 Aviation Activities Requiring Approval
    Chapter 9 Organisations Personnel Certification
  4. Part IV Operations Regulations
    Aircraft Operations
    • CAR - MEL
    • CAR - OPS 1 - Commercial and Private Air Transportation-Aeroplanes
    • CAR - OPS 3 - Commercial & Private Air Transportation (Helicopter)
    • CAR ‐ Foreign Operators Regulation (FOR)
    • CAR ‐ Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS)
    Special Purpose Operations
    • Section B - Agricultural Aircraft Operations
    • Section C - Parachuting Operations
    • Section E - Manned Ballooning Operations
    Synthetic Training Devices
    1. Aeroplane Flight Simulators
    2. Helicopter Flight Simulators
    3. Aeroplane Flight Training Devices
    4. Helicopter Flight Training Devices
    5. Aeroplane Flight & Navigation Procedures Trainers
    6. Helicopter Flight & Navigation Procedures Trainers
    7. Basic Instrument Training Devices
    8. Foreword
  5. Part V Airworthiness Regulations
    Chapter 1 Registration of Aircraft
    Chapter 2 Airworthiness Requirements of Aircraft
    Chapter 3 CAR 145 Approved Maintenance Organisations
    Chapter 4 CAR M Continuing Airworthiness Requirements
    Chapter 5 Manned Ballooning Airworthiness Regulation
    Chapter 6 UAE Manufacturing Organisation Approval
    CAR 21 Certification of Aircraft and Related Products, Parts and Appliances and of Design and Production Organisations
  6. Part VI Aviation Safety Regulations
    Chapter 1 Passenger Cabin Safety
    Chapter 2 Transportation of Dangerous Goods by Air
    Chapter 3 Aviation Accident and Incident Investigation
  7. Part VII Aviation Security Regulations
  8. Part VIII Air Navigation Regulations
    Subpart 1 - General
    Subpart 2 - Aeronautical Information Services Organisations
    Subpart 3 - Navigable Airspace
    Subpart 4 - Air Traffic Control Organisations
    Subpart 5 - Certification of Communication, Navigation and Surveillance Maintenance Organisations
    Subpart 6 - Instrument Flight Procedure Design Requirements
    Subpart 7 - Meteorological Services
    Subpart 8 - Search and Rescue Service Regulations
    Subpart 9 - Aerodrome Flight Information Services
    Subpart 10 - Operation of Unmanned Aircraft Systems within the United Arab Emirates
  9. Part IX Aerodromes
  10. Part X Safety Management System (SMS)
  11. Part XI Aerodrome Emergency Services, Facilities and Equipment Where necessary the methods of implementation of Civil Aviation Law and Regulations are described in Civil Aviation Advisory Publications. These publications are available on the GCAA web site or upon written request to the Director Aviation Safety and Security. (See address in ENR

1.6.3 Recognition of foreign licences Subject to conditions specified in Civil Aviation Advisory Publication 4 the holder of a foreign licence may be granted reciprocal recognition provided;
  1. The foreign country is an ICAO contracting state, and;
  2. Foreign CAA verifying the details of the foreign licence, and
  3. The licence and the medical certificate are current and valid, and
  4. The applicant passes the required written examination, and
  5. Only one foreign licence is used as the basis for recognition, and
  6. Meet the English Language Proficiency requirements for pilots and Air Traffic Controllers, and
  7. Meet the age requirements The following foreign licences are eligible for reciprocal recognition:
  1. Private pilot (Aeroplane & Helicopter)
  2. Commercial pilot (Aeroplane & Helicopter)
  3. Airline transport pilot (Aeroplane & Helicopter)
  4. Flight Engineer (Aeroplane & Helicopter)
  5. Balloon pilot licence
  6. Cabin Crew
  7. Air Traffic Controller
  8. Flight Dispatcher Complete details are published in Civil Aviation Advisory Publication 4.

1.6.4 Minimum insurance requirements in the UAE The minimum insurance requirements are identified in GCAA SAFETY DECISION 14‐2016, Revision 01.

Note: For any enquiries send email to:

1.6.5 Substance Abuse With reference to CAR PART IV, CAR-FOR - FOREIGN OPERATORS REGULATION (FOR) and Safety Decision 2018‐02, no person shall act as a crew member under the influence of any substance which may impair his/her capacity to effectively perform his/her duties. In all circumstances, he/she shall not use any such substance while on duty. A crew member can be subject to substances testing at any time whilst on duty within the UAE. Any positive test or refusal to be tested shall be subject to actions stated under CAR PART IV, CAR-FOR - FOREIGN OPERATORS REGULATION (FOR) FOR.GEN.025. A crew member is considered to be acceptable to the GCAA if:
  1. The crew member has not consumed alcohol 12 hours prior to the specified reporting time for flight duty or the commencement of standby;
  2. The crew member has not commenced a flight duty period with a blood alcohol level in excess of 0.2 promille;
  3. The crew member has not consumed alcohol during the flight duty period or whilst on standby. For queries or any additional information regarding tests, please contact: