ENR 5.6 Bird migration and areas of sensitive fauna

5.6.1. Most tidal coastal creeks and mangrove areas are en-route resting areas and wintering sites for migrating birds. Large numbers of birds may be present from late July through till the following April.
5.6.2. Bird migration routes in the vicinity of OMDB and OMDW are depicted on charts OMDB AD 2-85 and OMDW AD 2-85.
5.6.3. The following areas are sensitive to fauna and should not be overflown below 2,000 FT AGL:
  1. Upper reaches of Dubai Creek Circle radius 1 KM centred on 251140N 0551920E (See OMDB AD 2-91)

  2. National Avian Research Centre - approximately 12 NM NW of Al Ain International Airport Circle radius 1 KM centred on 242350N 0552620E.