ENR 1.3 Instrument flight rules

1.3.1. Instrument Flight Rules conform to the rules published in ICAO Annex 2 - Rules of the Air, Chapter 5 - Instrument Flight Rules.
1.3.2. Navigation equipment failure procedures In case part of an aircraft's radio navigation equipment fails, but two - way communications can still be maintained with ATC, the pilot must inform ATC of the failure and report his altitude and approximate position. ATC may, at its discretion authorise the pilot to continue his flight. When radar is available it may be used to provide navigational assistance to the pilot. If no authorisation to proceed is given by ATC, the pilot should leave Class A - D airspace by the most expeditious means and areas of dense traffic, and either:
  1. proceed to an area in which he can continue his flight in VMC or; if this is not possible,

  2. select a suitable area in which to descend through cloud, fly visually to a suitable aerodrome and land as soon as practicable.

Note: Before doing so, however, he should consult ATC who may be able to give him instructions or advise. He should also take into consideration the latest meteorological information and terrain clearance.