ENR 1.14 Air traffic incidents

1.14.1. Classification of air traffic incidents

Air traffic incidents are classified as follows:

  1. Aircraft proximity (AIRPROX)

    1. Risk of collision

    2. Safety not assured

    3. No risk of collision

    4. Risk not determined

  2. Procedure - Serious difficulty caused by faulty procedures or lack of compliance with applicable procedures.

  3. Facility - Serious difficulty caused by failure of ground facilities.

1.14.2. Use of the "Air Traffic Incident Reporting Form" The air traffic incident reporting form used conforms to the ICAO model form specified in Doc 4444 - Air Traffic Management, Appendix 4. Copies of the form are available on request from ATS units. Instructions for the completion of the form are contained in Doc 4444 - Air Traffic Management, Appendix 4, para 2.
1.14.3. Reporting procedures

A pilot involved in an incident should proceed as follows:

  1. In - flight, use the appropriate air / ground frequency for reporting brief details of an incident of major significance particularly if it involves another aircraft, so as to permit the facts to be ascertained immediately.

  2. As promptly as possible after landing, submit a completed air traffic incident report form to the ATS reporting office.

1.14.4. Purpose of reporting and handling form Prompt completion of all items on the air traffic incident report form and early submission of the form assists the full incident investigation.