ENR 1.10 Flight planning

1.10.1. Procedures for the submission of a flight plan For flights within the Emirates FIR a flight plan shall be submitted as per the requirements specified in ICAO Annex 2 - Rules of the Air paragraph 3.3. The format and content of the FPL shall be as per Amendment 1 of the PANS-ATM Doc4444.

Note 1: ATC shall refuse a flight without a valid flight plan from entering UAE Airspace until such time as a flight plan has been filed.

Note 2: In exceptional circumstances a flight plan may be filed with Emirates ACC via telephone +971 2 599 6851. However operators may expect delays in such instances. Turbo - jet aircraft intending to operate within UAE airspace and on air routes to which longitudinal separation minima utilising Mach number technique will be applied, shall include the Mach number planned to be used in item 15 of the flight plan. For westbound traffic departing or overflying the Emirates FIR and then transiting the Bahrain FIR, the FPL shall include the ATS route and the exit point at the western boundary of the Bahrain FIR / UIR. ATS route segment ATUDO - MUXIT on ATS route M318, only available to operators with special approval issued by GCAA Assistant Director General Air Navigation Services. ATS route M550 only available to operators with the same special approval that is issued for ATS route M318.

Note: Adequate means of compliance is specified in GEN 1.5.5. The following additional flight planning requirements apply for Airports with published SID and STAR procedures:
  1. Departing aircraft - following the arrow in section 15 of flight plan, insert 'DCT' then the waypoint for joining the ATS route followed by the first ATS route. Then as per Doc 4444 standard requirements.

  2. Arriving aircraft - section 15 of flight plan shall terminate with the ATS route waypoint from which the STAR commences.

    Note: Do not include SID, STAR or its coded designator in flight plan, as it is runway dependant. ATC will advise. Private flights operating in Emirates FIR (Landing/Departing/Overflying) shall insert their contact details (Contact number and Email address) in item 18 of ATS messages following ORGN/
1.10.2. Repetitive Flight Plan (RPL) system is not used in the Emirates FIR
1.10.3. Additional requirements related to RVSM airspace are specified in GEN 1.5.2 FL 290 to FL 410 is for exclusive use of RVSM approved aircraft. Non - RVSM certified aircraft, shall flight plan accordingly. Acceptance of non - RVSM certified State aircraft for flight at RVSM levels is subject to prevailing traffic conditions. RVSM certified aircraft will be afforded priority in order to make maximum use of airspace capacity.

Note: Consequently, operators of State aircraft intending to navigate within Emirates FIR are advised to dispatch RVSM certified aircraft or flight plan at non - RVSM levels

1.10.4 Flights operating within DUBAI CTA equipped with Mode-S transponders and/or ADS-B transmitters shall include the 24-bit aircraft address (expressed in the form of an alphanumerical code of six hexadecimal characters) in Item 18 of the FPL message following the indicator CODE/.