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General Civil Aviation Authority finds innovative methods for Air Traffic Control (ATC) training amidst Covid-19
Category : ,   Date : Mar, 01 2021
H.E. Saif Mohammed Al Suwaidi – Director General of the General Civil Aviation Authority – confirmed that the Authority attaches high importance on the process of Emiratizing specialized jobs in the aviation sector, especially those specializations that are scarce in the number of national specialists. The GCAA in its strategic objectives ensures that it provides services according to the standards of quality efficiency, & transparency. In addition, it aims to elevate the civil aviation system in the UAE and in the global arena, and to instill innovation culture within the corporate working environment. In line with these strategies, the GCAA has coordinated with its strategic partners in training service providers to provide alternative solutions that fit the work environment and requirements imposed amidst of the Covid-19 crisis. In collaboration with New Zealand’s air navigation training services provider (Airways International Limited), the GCAA has reproduced a highly flexible & efficient air traffic control training program that suits its requirements in which it provides virtual training capabilities for both theoretical and practical aspects. In addition, the training is supported with a cloud-based training curriculum. The reproduced innovative solution includes a training cadre to provide (ICAO 051) course which is the intro to any air traffic control (ATC) training, along with (ICAO 054 and 055) which are courses that provide trainees with radar skills to manage air traffic, and the latter provides ATC training by procedural methods in non-radar environments. Trainees in GCAA’s national program for ATC do their training in a safe simulation environment with the aid of state-of-art simulator solution that allows to showcase different traffic scenarios is a safe & controlled environment for 11 Emirati ATC students in morning & afternoon periods consecutively. Additionally, Mr. Ahmed Al Jallaf – Assistant Director General for Air Navigation Services – said that despite the challenges of Covid-19 pandemic on the activity of air traffic in the UAE, the GCAA went with its plans and was successfully validated 9 Emiratis in the field. He also assured that GCAA leadership is very keen to see the outcome of the training program since the Sheikh Zayed Air Navigation Centre agenda is crowded with development and enhancement activities that relies on the specialized Emirati work force. He also stated that the GCAA was able to reach a percentage higher than 40% for the specialized jobs in the centre. On other hand, he also ensured the continuation of the ATC training program for Emiratis, and any aspiring candidates can register for the program by following this link:

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